L.A. Times Daily - Sep 5 2022

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Clues Answers
"Best before" kin USEBY
"Big Night" actor Shalhoub TONY
"Heavens __!" ABOVE
"I'm good with it" SUITSME
"No __, no glory" GUTS
"Pet" annoyance PEEVE
"Will I __ learn?" EVER
"__ Be in Love": Kate Bush song OHTO
"__ have a clue" IDONT
"__ Holmes": Netflix film starring Millie Bobby Brown ENOLA
"__ Te Ching": philosophical text TAO
*In the near future SOMEDAYSOON
*Many an aria SOPRANOSOLO
*Not quite apologetic SORTASORRY
*Persuaded with flattery SOFTSOAPED
1950s sitcom name DESI
Approximately ABOUT
Bar bill TAB
Big buttes MESAS
Blue-skies forecast word CLEAR
Buddy PAL
Campus URL ender EDU
Cartoon frame CEL
Confident stance POWERPOSE
Dark cloud, maybe OMEN
Dell products, for short PCS
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Far from swanky SEEDY
Flamenco cheer OLE
Frosted, as a cupcake ICED
Great-grandparent, say ELDER
Greek letter between zeta and theta ETA
Henhouses COOPS
Here, in France ICI
Hide from view SHROUD
Historic Nevada city with a railway museum ELY
Horse rider's strap REIN
James Bond, for one SPY
Like a busybody NOSY
Clues Answers
Music producer Brian ENO
Name better left unsaid, or a description of the answers to the starred clues SOANDSO
NFL six-pointers TDS
NNW opposite SSE
Noggin HEAD
Old photo tone SEPIA
Olive __ OIL
Orange tuber YAM
Ore-Ida nuggets TATERTOTS
Periods of history ERAS
Pillow feathers EIDER
Pizza serving SLICE
Plentiful AMPLE
Poet St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Pointer or printer lead-in LASER
Private stash CACHE
Red-ink amounts LOSSES
Salon offering NEWDO
Scoped out with bad intentions CASED
Sports replay type, briefly SLOMO
Strainer SIEVE
Stubborn beast ASS
Successfully handles a rough patch COPES
Syrup source SAP
Tiny WEE
Tune for two DUET
Unexpected moments of good fortune WINDFALLS
Units of force that make up newtons DYNES
Unlikely winners LONGSHOTS
Unreturnable serves ACES
Unwelcome picnic guest ANT
Weighed down LADEN
YA novel by Carl Hiaasen about a threatened owl habitat HOOT
__ Forces Day ARMED
__ suey CHOP
__-at-ease ILL
__-friendly ECO