L.A. Times Daily - Sep 4 2022

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Clues Answers
"Acoustic Soul" singer India.__ ARIE
"Affirmative" YES
"Blitzkrieg Bop" surname RAMONE
"Finished!" DONE
"Finished!" THERE
"Fleabag" award EMMY
"Good to know" ISEE
"I mean to say ... " THATIS
"Keep talking" GOON
"Leave that to me" IMONIT
"Parks and Recreation" actor Chris PRATT
"Sorry! Couldn't resist!" IHADTO
"The Coldest Rap" rapper ICET
"Uh-uh!" NOT
"What a shame" SOSAD
Abbr. after many names ETAL
African viper ASP
After-lunch sandwich OREO
Artists' mecca near Santa Fe TAOS
Audrey Tautou title role AMELIE
Beach souvenir TAN
Besides ALSO
Bird call TRILL
Bitty EENY
Border EDGE
Braying beast ASS
Braz. neighbor ARG
Breath mints that contained Retsyn CERTS
Chinese-American chef and restaurateur Joyce CHEN
Chris of Vampire Weekend BAIO
Comes up ARISES
Comfortable ATHOME
Conundrum POSER
Coop group HENS
Crack up SLAY
Crew leader, briefly COX
Cul-de-__ SAC
Device that may catch a private remark HOTMIC
Early tourney match PRELIM
Earnings INCOME
Earth tone OCHER
Emcee HOST
Enemy of ancient Athens SPARTA
Epistle apostle PAUL
Etched art ENGRAVING
Exec's note MEMO
Extremely OHSO
Fall setting EDEN
Fashion's __ Taylor ANN
Female sib SIS
Film remake about a student who finally finds the right martial arts teacher? THESIXTHSENSEI
Film remake featuring a spooky archaeological site? MIDNIGHTRUIN
Film remake featuring broken raga instruments? THEFAULTINOURSITARS
Film remake featuring spa treatments that are no joke? ASERIOUSMANI
Film remake heavy with art metaphors? MONALISASIMILE
Film remake that documents soapbox sites? TIRADINGPLACES
Film remake that tries to prove all unmarried men are created equal? BACHELORPARITY
First MLB player inducted into the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame ICHIRO
First mo JAN
Fivers ABES
Food distribution giant SYSCO
Funds for later yrs IRAS
Give a charge to IONIZE
Going past the fourth qtr., say INOT
Going up in smoke? AFIRE
Goodyear city AKRON
Grammy-nominated folk singer DeMent IRIS
Grams NANA
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Clues Answers
Grounation Day celebrant RASTA
Guitarist Lofgren NILS
Holds dear TREASURES
In favor PRO
Indian noble RAJA
JD-to-be's exam LSAT
Jerky spot? KNEE
Journalist Velshi of MSNBC ALI
Lang. of Jamaica ENG
Lighthouse view SEA
Like dry champagne BRUT
Litter box concern ODOR
Little dogs TOYS
Lorna __ cookies DOONE
Magic charm AMULET
Many an Olympic gymnast TEEN
Middle of a Latin trio AMAS
Molecule central to many vaccines RNA
More hackneyed CORNIER
NASA scientist Geoffrey who won a Hugo for his short story "Falling Onto Mars" LANDIS
Navel type INNIE
Neckwear named for a British racecourse ASCOT
Nod off SNOOZE
Novelist Leon URIS
Number with 100 zeroes GOOGOL
Ore. neighbor CAL
Period of inactivity CALM
Petrol brand ESSO
Poker player's "pass" NOBET
Potent start? OMNI
Raw bar choice OYSTER
Realm from 800 to 1806: Abbr HRE
Region AREA
Remote button MUTE
Rent payer TENANT
Result of a sincere compliment EGOBOOST
Run over REAIR
Rural tower SILO
Sale indicator REDTAG
Savanna beasts RHINOS
Sign of neglect DUST
Sign on LOGIN
Soft & __ DRI
Sounds of reproach TUTS
Speed reader? RADAR
Spy-fi org CIA
Strauss of denim LEVI
Strike down, biblically SMITE
Sweet tubers YAMS
System infiltrator HACKER
Tableau SCENE
Thailand, once SIAM
Tree decor TINSEL
Turbine blade ROTOR
Two-headed fastener UBOLT
Unaccompanied STAG
Underwriter's assessment RISK
Unlike automobile gasoline LEADED
Visibility reducer MIST
Vitals checker, briefly EMT
Wharton degs MBAS
With a keen eye ALERTLY
Yiddish word meaning "little town" SHTETL
__ Aviv TEL
__ buggy DUNE
__ cavity NASAL
__-dried tomatoes SUN