Wall Street Journal - Sep 3 2022 - Foodies

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Clues Answers
“Beetle Bailey” dog OTTO
“Everything’s fine” ITSOK
“I Fall to Pieces” singer Patsy CLINE
“I stand corrected” GUESSNOT
“The Twelve Days of Christmas” players PIPERS
“The Two Jakes” screenwriter Robert TOWNE
“This looks very bad for me!” IMTOAST
1896 Olympics host ATHENS
2006 Margaret Atwood book THETENT
2016’s “___ Land” LALA
Amazement WONDER
Annoyances BOTHERS
Aster relatives TANSIES
Bale binder TWINE
Ballistic missile acronym MIRV
Barely beat EDGE
Be bold DARE
Beach in California LAGUNA
Beginning a gluten-free diet? ATWHEATSEND
Bellies after banqueting? FEASTBUMPS
Bench presser’s pride PECS
Big blast, for a stoner BONGHIT
Big Mac layer PATTY
Binary gender designation HEORSHE
Blackout miscreant LOOTER
Bludgeons COSHES
Bolted TORE
Brad’s “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” co-star ANGELINA
Brake component PAD
Burlap base HEMP
Burmese and Balinese ASIANS
Butterfield of Netflix’s “Sex Education” ASA
Caboose RUMP
Campaign worker AIDE
Cap’n’s mate BOSN
Chap GUY
Chaps MEN
Charge TASK
City near the mouth of the Columbia ASTORIA
Closemouthed MUM
Common sense SMARTS
Conserved energy RESTEDUP
Contents of un río AGUA
Creditor’s writ ELEGIT
Creole cooking staple OKRA
Crew group ROWERS
Daily in Metropolis PLANET
Dana Open org LPGA
Dior creation ALINE
Directional suffix ERN
Discount legumes? BARGAINBEANS
Donnybrook MELEE
Door swinger HINGE
Dumas character ATHOS
Eager for the deets ALLEARS
Early Christmas gift givers MAGI
Economize SCRIMP
Element #68 ERBIUM
Fails to DOESNT
Fly trap WEB
Follow ENSUE
French connection ALA
Fulfill, with “to” LIVEUP
Fuzzy fruits not grown in an orchard? WILDPEACHES
General meaning GIST
Go beyond PASS
Got in the ring GRAPPLED
Greek H ETA
Grind RUT
Clues Answers
Hand-dyed fabrics BATIKS
Hard work LABOR
He beat Novak in the 2020 French Open RAFAEL
Historic periods ERAS
Honey bunch? ROSES
Honshu’s “City of Trees” SENDAI
Is for you? ARE
Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g ARUM
Joins the crew HIRESON
Kapoor of “Slumdog Millionaire” ANIL
Keystone State county ERIE
Levelheaded SANE
Lift, so to speak THIEVE
Like some tours GUIDED
Lipton offerings TEAS
Listened enthusiastically ATEITUP
Lots of bucks DEER
Luau strings UKE
Lucy of “Kill Bill” LIU
Madeline of “Blazing Saddles” KAHN
Major account SAGA
Marketing leader? TELE
Mathewson who was in the Baseball Hall of Fame’s first class CHRISTY
Meet, as a challenge RISETO
Mentored in the art of preparing unagi? EELADVISED
Meter or liter UNIT
Microwave output BEEPS
Modem speed figure BAUD
Modern memos ENOTES
National name on some euros EIRE
Needlefish GAR
New York mayor Adams ERIC
Not this THAT
Notions IDEAS
Org. associated with FICA SSA
Paper-and-pencil game DOTS
Pinocchio, at times LIAR
Play group CAST
Poi source TARO
Prime number factor ONE
Prolonged attack SIEGE
Protection AEGIS
Raconteur’s recitals TALES
Radius’s neighbor ULNA
Raiders quarterback Derek CARR
Rain gear PONCHOS
Rickman of “Die Hard” ALAN
Roasts, e.g.? OVENMEATS
Russian country house DACHA
Ruth nickname THEBABE
Scuba diver equipment AIRTANK
Smelter refuse SLAG
Some greens? BEETPARTS
Some heirs SONS
Spanish gold ORO
Staff starter CLEF
This answer is a four-letter word OATH
Tin and tungsten METALS
Tin Pan Alley’s Gershwin IRA
Tracks OVALS
Turner of Hollywood LANA
Twistable treats OREOS
Two-for-one salad special? PAIROFCAESARS
Use sandpaper on ABRADE
Very good, at Versailles TRESBON
Volcanic mount of California SHASTA
World’s largest furniture seller IKEA
Wound covers SCABS