The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 9000

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Clues Answers
Awkward; deceitful TRICKY
Canadian territory YUKON
Carry (to a place) BRING
Disturbing; making nervous AGITATING
Eg, arm or leg LIMB
Farewells GOODBYES
Former gold coin GUINEA
Group in attendance ENTOURAGE
Hand-thrown weapon GRENADE
Harshness of manner ASPERITY
Hindu god KRISHNA
Hold tightly (to) CLING
Invader of Roman empire VISIGOTH
Clues Answers
Irritates IRKS
Jewish scholar RABBI
Large antelope GNU
Made nervous RATTLED
Masquerader's cloak DOMINO
Put (numbers) together ADD
Sachet for drink tea bag
Signs of weariness SIGHS
Stay put sit tight
Style of, eg, pullover V neck
Young troublemaker HOOLIGAN