Universal - Sep 2 2022

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Clues Answers
"A snake!" EEK
"America's Got Talent" network NBC
"At Last" singer James ETTA
"Food, ___" (2008 agribusiness documentary) INC
"How unfortunate" PITY
"I ___ a guy ..." KNOW
"I'm disappointed!" TSK
"Side by Side by Sondheim," for one REVUE
"Stop filming!" CUT
"Tragic" ALAS
"___ after me ..." REPEAT
"___, you owe me a Coke!" JINX
A 100-degree one is obtuse ANGLE
Actor Damon MATT
Apple product since 1998 IMAC
Apt rhyme for "goo" GLUE
Aquatic predators in a pod ORCAS
Aye-or-nay processes VOICEVOTES
Babbling streams BROOKS
Batman : Wayne :: Superman : ___ KENT
Be fallible ERR
Birds in a murder CROWS
Carbon emissions goal (letters 7-3) NETNEGATIVE
Carnivore ___ (controversial food plan) DIET
Connect, as copper WELD
Cosmetics giant that sells Glimmersticks AVON
Cry like a banshee WAIL
De Armas in "The Gray Man" ANA
Deal with difficulty COPE
Defy gravity FLOAT
Dessert made with a vegetable (letters 8-4) CARROTCAKE
Earthly angel's backdrop SNOW
Elementary BASIC
Ever the optimist STARRYEYED
Excessively TOO
Falling dumbbell's sound CLUNK
Female foxes VIXENS
Flounders (about) FLAILS
Clues Answers
Follow, as a warning HEED
Food additive that may cause vivid dreams MSG
Gatherings in a 12-step program AAMEETINGS
Good name for a botanist? IVY
Group after boomers GENX
Itty-bitty: Prefix MICRO
Large, tacky homes MCMANSIONS
Lead-in to "Latin" NEO
Loads and loads ATON
Looking grim DIRE
Mom's mom NANA
Never ___ never SAY
Old-timey timepiece (In this clue's answer, see letters 7-4) CUCKOOCLOCK
Pasta that's totally tubular! ZITI
Pixar film about a boy named Miguel COCO
Pride Month letters LGBT
Princess's headpiece CORONET
Protect financially INSURE
Quality of dry humor WRYNESS
Raunchy LEWD
Regret RUE
Request ASK
Rhythm of speech CADENCE
Secretly looks PEEKS
Sheryl Sandberg's deg MBA
Shoestring LACE
Skunk's smell, e.g ODOR
Softener, at times? (letters 9-6) VOLUMEDIAL
Spanish cheer OLE
Spin rapidly WHIRL
Spinning car part AXLE
Sunburn balm ALOE
Support financially BACK
Tear apart REND
Veer quickly ZAG
Was in charge LED
Word after "soup" or "spray" CAN
___ Mahal TAJ