Universal - Sep 1 2022

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Clues Answers
"Yuck!" EWW
"___ No Sunshine" (Bill Withers song) AINT
*Auctions of homes' contents ESTATESALES
*Five-star lodging LUXURYHOTEL
*Himalayan seasoning PINKSALT
*Hot drink with a colorful name GREENTEA
A group of vitamins BCOMPLEX
AAA rescue TOW
Alliance of nations BLOC
Already set up INPLACE
Applications USES
Be in accord CONCUR
Became unpleasant, as relations SOURED
Bibliographic list ender ETALIA
Big name in vacuums DYSON
Car that can't be followed? CABOOSE
College near Duke ELON
Comprehend GRASP
Cunning SLY
Date question? WHEN
Dip below the horizon SET
Discard, slangily DITCH
Dubai, e.g EMIRATE
Due acknowledgment? IOU
Environmental prefix ECO
Erode bit by bit EATINTO
Established by law ENACTED
Ethical hackers' grp NSA
Ewe call BAA
Fish hawk OSPREY
Formal wear, informally TUX
Give a reprieve LETOFF
Go astray ERR
Good wizard in "The Hobbit" GANDALF
Gush forth SPURT
Handle with ___ CARE
Heavy book TOME
Highly impressed with TAKENBY
Hinged plate on a door HASP
Clues Answers
India who sang "Voyage to India" ARIE
Internet connection letters DSL
Kimono belt OBI
Like gross income, and where either word in each starred clue's answer can go BEFORETAX
Like indirect thinking LATERAL
Lucy of "Chicago" LIU
Machines with Windows, often PCS
Miff IRK
Mine material ORE
New Year in Hanoi TET
Not all SOME
Not elsewhere HERE
O.R. staffers RNS
One of the Gershwins IRA
Part of Ali Baba's password SESAME
Pick, with "for" OPT
Pie base CRUST
Podded legume PEA
Pronoun for Indira Gandhi SHE
Psychic ability, briefly ESP
Ref's ring ruling TKO
Results of bankers' lending mistakes BADLOANS
Starting from ASOF
Strong urge DESIRE
Taste tentatively SIP
Tattletale RAT
Term for a relative that can also be a two-word phrase STEPSON
The ___ and only ONE
Toon still CEL
Unites WEDS
Unlike slip-ons LACED
What one can do gracefully AGE
Word after "political" or "party" FAVOR
Words that intensify "rarely" IFEVER
Yearning YEN
___ code (three-digit number) AREA
___ lunar eclipse PARTIAL
___-inspiring AWE