USA Today - Oct 8 2022

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Clues Answers
'13th' director DuVernay AVA
'Eek!' OHNO
'Hey there, sailor!' AHOY
'If you ask me,' for short IMO
'Notes on Camp' is one ESSAY
'Scooby-Doo' character who wears purple DAPHNE
'The Lion King' warthog PUMBAA
'Why should I care?' SOWHAT
'___ about time you got here!' ITS
'___ me see . . .' LET
2016 Lizzo hit GOODASHELL
2022 UFO movie directed by Jordan Peele NOPE
Adjust to change ADAPT
Akita or pug DOG
Arguments in favor PROS
Asset for a dancer or musician RHYTHM
Balloon filler AIR
Big beer mug STEIN
Bitter pub order ALE
Chairlift alternative SKITOW
Chicago Bulls org NBA
Christmas candy shape CANE
Compete VIE
Donkey ___ KONG
Drum kit parts with pedals HIHATS
Eco-conscious grocery carrier TOTE
Fawn's mom DOE
Genre for Eric B. & Rakim RAP
Gets off the highway EXITS
Glasses' edges RIMS
Gravelly voice RASP
Instruments orchestras tune to OBOES
Japanese money YEN
Knight's defense SHIELD
Large amount SLEW
Late-night kitchen runs RAIDS
Least valuable U.S. coin PENNY
Clues Answers
Lidded body part EYE
Like gymnasts AGILE
Lower Manhattan neighborhood SOHO
Many a mythological character GOD
Mattar paneer veggie PEA
Met ___ (party also known as 'fashion prom') GALA
Motrin alternative ALEVE
Not-for-kids show rating TVMA
Number at the bottom of a clock SIX
Numbered musical work OPUS
Old flames EXES
One is typically capitalized PROPERNOUN
One-pot meals STEWS
Operatic solo ARIA
Overly cute TWEE
Owl sound HOOT
People who include the Wahpetunwan and Yanktonai DAKOTA
Performance during some brunches DRAG
Person to report to BOSS
Phrase exchanged after vows IDO
Pulitzer-winning journalist Quindlen ANNA
Raise up ELEVATE
Reusable insert for a cold drink METALSTRAW
Ring of light over a saint HALO
Run ___ of AFOUL
Shoot for AIMAT
Skill taught in a Red Cross class (Abbr.) CPR
Snug-fitting TIGHT
Something ___ entirely ELSE
Source of a drip LEAK
Stack of papers PILE
Stool's support LEG
Tool for measuring decibels SOUNDLEVELMETER
Tool that might be thrown at a target AXE
Totally transfixed RAPT
What compliments boost EGO
Wise people SAGES
Writer's alias NOMDEPLUME