USA Today - Oct 4 2022

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Clues Answers
'I wasn't expecting you!' OHHI
'Star Wars: Rebels' protagonist Bridger EZRA
'That's rough, buddy' OOF
'The Book of ___' (2010 film) ELI
'Whichever' ANY
'Wow, sounds like it' IBET
'___ pasa?' QUE
Alt.Latino broadcaster NPR
Animal similar in size to a rhino HIPPO
Aspiring Ph.D.'s test GRE
Barbecue debris ASHES
Baseball refs UMPS
Baskets from inside the arc TWOPOINTERS
Bass drum attachment PEDAL
Beyonce song with the lyric 'if you want me, you can watch me' VIDEOPHONE
Bit of body percussion in Teyana Taylor & Kehlani's 'Morning' SNAP
Bit of trivia FACT
Cheer syllable RAH
Chutni nahna herb MINT
City's nightlife landscape CLUBSCENE
Corporate head CEO
Diagrams in some fantasy novels MAPS
Fleece jacket style QUARTERZIP
Football scores, for short TDS
Frisbees and saucers DISCS
Frozen treat on a stick ICEPOP
Glazed seitan creations HAMS
In the know about UPON
Incite SPUR
Jamaican ___ (creole language) PATOIS
Junior's kid TREY
Kitchen pros CHEFS
Less commonplace RARER
Like horned melons SPIKY
Limber SPRY
Lingerie tone NUDE
Livestreamer's recorders, for short CAMS
Meskwaki Nation's state IOWA
Clues Answers
Movers' vehicles VANS
Movie star Thurman UMA
Order ___ carte ALA
Parched feeling THIRST
Pink aesthetic inspired by a doll BARBIECORE
Plural ending for 'turn' or 'slip' ONS
Polka ___ DOT
Pretend shot in basketball PUMPFAKE
Process of making food for the week MEALPREP
Protected from the sun SHADY
Pub order ALE
Rama, in the Ramayana HERO
Recedes EBBS
Repotting need SOIL
Secretly copy on an email BCC
Secured with twine TIED
Sharpen HONE
Shrek, for one OGRE
Sign of what's to come OMEN
Simple T-shirt style CREWNECK
Staircase part STEP
Story surprise PLOTTWIST
Street Fighter II wins KOS
Sunrise direction EAST
The Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, for example NUNS
Tia, in English AUNT
Tight spiral COIL
Tiny skin opening PORE
Tress style named for a mythical sea creature MERMAIDHAIR
Tug on PULL
UFO pilots, perhaps ETS
Using Androderm, for example ONT
Very long timespan EON
Very tiny TEENSY
Wishing ___ star ONA
Wrath IRE
___ raisin ice cream RUM
___/astro (engineering field) AERO