Universal - Aug 26 2022

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Clues Answers
"Button your lip!" ZIPIT
"Enchanted" role for Anne Hathaway ELLA
"No ___" (Sartre play set in a locked room) EXIT
"Sad to say ..." ALAS
A deposed leader may live in it EXILE
Acquiesce AGREE
Alarm clock toggle AMPM
And more authors: Abbr ETAL
Apple product with a 10.2-inch model IPAD
Bible ___ (Southern region) BELT
Bitter beer ALE
Bull, in Spain TORO
Butte relative MESA
Canned meat in Hawaiian cuisine SPAM
Coins that replaced German marks EUROS
Colored synthetically DYED
Couch SOFA
Driver's need, often GAS
Found a new function for REUSED
Fund for the future NESTEGG
Gets the picture SEES
Glasses annoyance SMUDGE
Got hammered, perhaps DRANK
Gouda alternative EDAM
Grayish and pale ASHEN
Hitched WED
Hosiery items for a blustery fall? WINDSOCKS
Indian yogurt dish RAITA
It's rigged MAST
Its rings are disappearing SATURN
Jeans maker Strauss LEVI
Jury member PEER
Kimono tie OBI
Lead-in to "borealis" AURORA
Leather-piercing tools AWLS
Lens holders for a winter wonderland? FREEZEFRAMES
Lightbulb, in cartoons IDEA
McGregor of "Trainspotting" EWAN
Mess up ERR
Clues Answers
MGM lion's sound ROAR
Missile storage spot SILO
Muslim sect SHIA
Neighbor of Armenia IRAN
New Haven street liners ELMTREES
New York baseball team METS
Nonpoetic language PROSE
Nonstick cookware company TFAL
Noodles PASTA
NYC home of Kahlo's "Self-Portrait With Cropped Hair" MOMA
One of the five W's WHERE
Parked it SAT
Pastries served with clotted cream SCONES
People who fib LIARS
Photographer's request SMILE
Postal delivery MAIL
Queries ASKS
Ran a marathon, say RACED
React to something awkward CRINGE
Right-___ (like most people) HANDED
Rock icon Turner TINA
Salespeople, briefly REPS
Santa ___, California ANA
Serious soccer penalties REDCARDS
Shabby digs RATTRAP
Ship that Medea rode ARGO
Shipshape TIDY
Shoes for the dog days of summer? HEATPUMPS
Some are special OPS
States of mind MOODS
Stretched circle OVAL
Thick rug style SHAG
Timepieces for spring downpours? STORMWATCHES
Up to, informally TIL
What's free to pay HOMAGE
What's just over a foot? ANKLE
When buses are due in: Abbr ETAS
Word after "cutting" or "razor's" EDGE
___ of voice TONE