L.A. Times Daily - Aug 24 2022

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Clues Answers
"Find another way out" sign and a feature of four answers in this puzzle NOEXIT
"It's __ good" ALL
"No doubt" INDEED
"That's it for me!" IMDONE
"The Snowy Day" Caldecott winner __ Jack Keats EZRA
Adage SAW
Adam's eldest CAIN
Adorable CUTE
Adventurous BOLD
Amazon.com delivery BOX
Anthem with the line "The True North strong and free" OCANADA
Augment with superfluous verbiage PAD
Biblical land west of Nod EDEN
Big party FETE
Bistro CAFE
Bol. neighbor ARG
Buffet fuel STERNO
Champagne designation BRUT
Chooses not to participate OPTSOUT
Day __ SPA
Doubleday incorrectly credited with inventing baseball ABNER
Drug in Michael Pollan's "How to Change Your Mind" LSD
Epistolary friend PENPAL
Excuses ALIBIS
Fabric with metallic threads LAME
Farfalle shape BOWTIE
Feature of King Arthur's court? NOTABLETABLE
Feed adequately SATE
Festoons ADORNS
Flashing light STROBE
Folk singer DiFranco ANI
Gaggle native to northern Italy? GENOESEGEESE
Good to go SET
Half a sextet TRIO
Halter attachment REIN
Heavily into KEENON
Hit the slopes SKI
Hot streak TEAR
Clues Answers
Knockoff CLONE
Land in the water ISLE
Less abundant SPARER
Lover of Aphrodite ARES
Microscope blobs PROTOZOA
Midmorning hour TEN
Minor issue NIT
Out of the way ASIDE
Part of t.i.d., on an Rx TER
Picnic discards COBS
Played the part of ACTEDAS
Prefix with friendly ECO
Pub order ALE
Purple berry from Brazilian palms ACAI
Put a stop to END
Red Muppet with a pet goldfish named Dorothy ELMO
Rifle attachment BAYONET
Runs again REPLAYS
Short-horned bighorn EWE
Slithery fish EELS
Some recyclables CANS
South Asian garb SARI
Spanish article UNA
State that's an archipelago HAWAII
State with conviction ASSERT
Suffix on some pasta names INI
Teatime treat topped with shaved ice? SNOCONESCONE
Tedious journeys SLOGS
Tennis star Barty who announced her retirement in 2022, familiarly ASH
Trainee's bad habits? NOVICESVICES
Turns down DIMS
Went on and on YAMMERED
Westminster landmark ABBEY
Wind quintet wind OBOE
Wipe out ERASE
Without, with "of" DEVOID