Universal - Aug 24 2022

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Clues Answers
"Como ___ usted?" ESTA
"Goodness gracious!" GEE
"Goodness gracious!" MYGOD
"Honest" prez ABE
"Toys in the Attic" band AEROSMITH
"___ you no shame?" HAVE
180 degrees from WSW ENE
1967 Aretha Franklin hit whose lyrics mention a weak link CHAINOFFOOLS
Back-and-forth switching between scenes, in film CROSSCUTEDITING
Bankrupt energy company in 2001 news ENRON
Basks by the pool SUNS
Be on the ___ wavelength SAME
Bird's perch ROOST
Bleeds in the wash RUNS
Brass and bronze ALLOYS
British pop singer Lewis LEONA
Caffeine-rich seed KOLANUT
Canonized people: Abbr STS
Carp or cod FISH
Centurion Card's corp AMEX
Corsage place LAPEL
Countess Crawley of "Downton Abbey" CORA
Curved like a rainbow ARCED
Deceitful schemes CONS
Dedicated poem ODE
Dull pains ACHES
End of a prof's email address EDU
Established fact GIVEN
Fan club focus IDOL
Fifth month MAY
Fly catcher MITT
Hi-___ graphics RES
Historic times ERAS
Hollywood's Hawke ETHAN
Indian lentil dish DAL
Intrinsic nature ESSENCE
Islamic officials IMAMS
Jokey name for a wastebasket CIRCULARFILE
Clues Answers
Knowledgeable (in) VERSED
Lake Mead's creator HOOVERDAM
Lead-in to "enemy" ARCH
Liberty Mutual rival AETNA
Like a small garage ONECAR
Like days of yore OLDEN
Like fall temperatures, often COOL
Lizard with a dewlap IGUANA
Meat recall reason ECOLI
Mesa's kin BUTTE
Method used to handle stress COPINGMECHANISM
Middle Eastern leaders EMIRS
Mutant heroes of filmdom XMEN
N.Y. engineering school RPI
Name hidden in "bare necessities" RENE
Ohio's "Rubber City" AKRON
Penthouse perk VIEW
Pew songbook HYMNAL
Pfizer overseer: Abbr FDA
Physics Nobelist Bohr NIELS
Playground devices for two, and a phonetic hint to the starts of 17-, 26-, 47- and 60-Across SEESAWS
Prefix for "center" EPI
Prying tool LEVER
Quaker grain OAT
Rick's "kid" in "Casablanca" ILSA
Roaster setting? DAIS
Shade tree ELM
Sixth zodiac sign VIRGO
Surveillance grp NSA
The underworld, to Hades REALM
Two-time Oscar winner Jessica LANGE
Violin bow need ROSIN
VJ employer MTV
Whine and whimper SNIVEL
Wide rd AVE
Word before "house" or "passage" SAFE
___ student (aspiring dr.) MED