USA Today - Sep 18 2022

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Clues Answers
'Couldn't agree more' SOTRUE
'Finished my test!' DONE
'I'm gonna pass' NAH
'If I ___ you . . .' WERE
'Quit talking!' SHH
'Take a ___ breath' DEEP
403 Forbidden and 404 Not Found, for two ERRORCODES
Aching SORE
Bit of ammo for Hou Yi ARROW
Body of water parted in Exodus REDSEA
Bonnie Raitt's vocal range ALTO
Book signing tool PEN
Burrowing rodents GOPHERS
Canned meat with its own museum in Minnesota SPAM
Carriage driver's strap REIN
Coins in Capri EUROS
Competitive retail practice that ensures the lowest cost PRICEMATCH
Complete train wreck HOTMESS
Corridor HALL
Dove's sound COO
Drum sound that follows a one-liner RIMSHOT
Edge of an ao dai HEM
Eject with force SPEW
Empty spaces between things GAPS
Face consequences for wrongdoings PAYTHEPIPER
Fantastic bargain STEAL
Finished OVER
Fire pit residue ASH
Full of the latest info NEWSY
Gate fastener LATCH
Gets lost in a book READS
Harp relative LYRE
Hole-filled kitchen tool SIEVE
Hot beverage holder MUG
Humanoid monster ORC
Iced matcha latte insert STRAW
International military grp NATO
Join, like film SPLICE
Clues Answers
Jurassic Park vehicles JEEPS
Klippfisk fish COD
Like harsh winters SEVERE
Like some bras NUDE
Meat in tonjiru PORK
Medical lab worker, for short TECH
Missouri airport code STL
More than enough PLENTY
Nest egg initials IRA
Netball score GOAL
Nicks in a coat of nail polish CHIPS
Nikujaga, for example STEW
Norse god with an eye patch ODIN
Palms and pines TREES
Paper deliverer's assignment ROUTE
Pick up the ___ (go faster) PACE
Practice triple axels SKATE
Prune-to-be PLUM
Savors a compliment EATSITUP
School in Tempe, for short ASU
Seek the affections of WOO
Seize, like a car REPO
Shacket or cami TOP
Shade of unbleached linen ECRU
Sing the praises of LAUD
Slowest mammal SLOTH
Spanish for 'king' REY
Tablet downloads APPS
Tamera or Tia Mowry TWIN
Tax season pro CPA
They increase on Tet AGES
Unexpected problems SNAGS
Vatican leader POPE
Voluntarily relinquish WAIVE
Went too fast SPED
Word before 'plan' or 'tax' ESTATE
___ on (apply hastily) SLAP