USA Today - Sep 2 2022

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Clues Answers
'Born This Way' singer Lady ___ GAGA
'How come?' WHY
'If all ___ fails . . .' ELSE
'It ___ Nice' (protest song) ISNT
'So tragic' ITSSAD
'That's not a bad ___!' IDEA
'The Diary of a Young Girl' author ___ Frank ANNE
'To recap . . .' INSUM
'What time ___?' ISIT
After that THEN
Akwaeke Emezi's nationality NIGERIAN
Alter ___ EGO
April filing TAXRETURN
Assortment ARRAY
Be good enough PASSMUSTER
Bird's-___ view EYE
Broadway star Menzel IDINA
Crackling radio sound STATIC
D.C. is its capital USA
Dined ATE
Dividing line at zero longitude PRIMEMERIDIAN
Do something unholy SIN
Door to leave through EXIT
Either 'D' in DDR DANCE
Five-in-one Olympic sport PENTATHLON
Get via blackmail EXTORT
Grain used to make pumpernickel RYE
Greek god of love EROS
In ___ of (rather than) LIEU
Industrial explosive TNT
Insect sometimes kept as a pet PRAYINGMANTIS
Is the right size FITS
Journey TRIP
Leave alone LETBE
Like a mattress with little give FIRM
Lower part of the face JAW
Makes a mistake ERRS
Miami time zone, for short EST
Clues Answers
Middle Eastern marketplace BAZAAR
Movie director Lee ANG
NBA player ___ Porter Jr OTTO
Newspaper that bought Wordle, for short NYT
One-tenth of a decade YEAR
Opera solo ARIA
Org. that processes 33-Downs IRS
Palindromic term of address MADAM
Papa DAD
Part of a tennis match SET
People who spoke Quechua INCAS
Place for a cuddly cat LAP
Prefix between bi- and quad- TRI
Reality show incentive PRIZEMONEY
Really love ADORE
Region AREA
Relaxation destination SPA
Route PATH
Show some ___ (hold back) RESTRAINT
Significant period in history ERA
Skewered dish served with lontong SATAY
Skilled ADEPT
Something to doodle with PEN
Spanish for 'for' POR
Split ___ soup PEA
Stuff in a volcano MAGMA
Take it one day ___ time ATA
The Milky Way is one GALAXY
The ___ Collective ('70s abortion network) JANE
They can be secret or mistaken IDENTITIES
Totally relaxed ATEASE
Type of poem ODE
Unforthcoming COY
Vietnamese holiday TET
Visitors from outer space (Abbr.) ETS
Yoga surface MAT
___ latte SOY