USA Today - Aug 31 2022

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Clues Answers
'A Boy ___ Sue' NAMED
'Are we there ___?' YET
'Code Switch' network NPR
'Cut me ___ slack!' SOME
'Dagnabbit!' RATS
'PEN15' actress Konkle ANNA
'Prey' star Midthunder AMBER
'That's all in the ___ now' PAST
'Ugh, there's nothing to do' IMSOBORED
'What ___ it matter?' DOES
'You'll never believe this!' GUESSWHAT
Abbreviation promising payment IOU
Adolescent TEEN
Agenda part ITEM
Alums-to-be (Abbr.) SRS
Aunt, in Spanish TIA
Authorize a contract digitally ESIGN
Boot bottoms SOLES
Can Tho's continent ASIA
Chip 'n' ___ DALE
Competitor of Canon RICOH
Consider important VALUE
Country near Bahrain QATAR
Cribbage or Clue GAME
Do the wrong thing ERR
Dubu jjigae, for example STEW
Exonerating excuse ALIBI
Father, to an infant DADA
Ginger ___ ALE
Give the go-ahead APPROVE
Holiday money in an envelope EIDI
Hush-hush ONTHEDL
In dribs and ___ DRABS
Informational part of a website FAQ
Invite to enter ASKIN
Irritable TESTY
Island near Java BALI
Landscaping tool EDGER
Leaves slack-jawed STUNS
Clues Answers
Leopard or tiger BIGCAT
Like legs after a long run SORE
Main entrances FRONTDOORS
Medicinal succulents ALOES
Melons with wrinkly skin CASABAS
Musical group with steelpans CALYPSOBAND
Not fashionable anymore OUT
Offer bait to TEMPT
Officiated at Target Field UMPED
Opposite of 'neath OER
Opposite of obtuse ACUTE
Orchard size measures ACRES
Org. with Thunder and Heat NBA
Parents in some blended families STEPMOMS
Place that serves cappuccinos ESPRESSOBAR
Podcast revenue sources ADS
Pounds (Abbr.) LBS
Pulled up a stool SAT
Record label owned by Sony RCA
Residue from a controlled burn ASH
Response from a groom IDO
Section of a train CAR
Serbia's Nikola ___ Museum TESLA
Sounds of high-fives SLAPS
Spanish word that's aptly an anagram of 'paint' PINTA
Stopped snoozing WOKE
Suffix for 'home' or 'farm' STEAD
Tamago kake gohan ingredient RAWEGG
Term similar to 'boo' BAE
Tight-fitting SNUG
Tip of a pen NIB
Tool for inflating exercise balls AIRPUMP
Umami-rich condiment for grilled fish MISOBUTTER
Use a crowbar on PRY
Verb that sounds like a number ATE
Wolf pup's first home DEN
___ and gloom DOOM
___ and greet MEET
___ Lanka SRI