The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 28 - Aug 7 2022

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Clues Answers
A buzz about Scandinavian record SAGA
A crew from the East also called ALIAS
Botched data read upside down, oddly lacking style ARTDECO
Cross-beam in medical facility XRAY
East German with megabucks -- this one has some neck OSTRICH
Evaluation of idiots on street collecting team ASSESSMENT
Fine to sound like Bono? SUNNY
Goat fruitcake? It could be edible BUTTERNUT
Heard cracks when cycling and turned round SPUN
Jumbo seen in show with an act that's often repeated GIGANTIC
Keeps secret chapter and verse to undermine opponents ENCODES
Leader's talent's giving second half priority TSAR
Marine plant -- reptile with three feet swallowing tons BOATYARD
Maybe setter's tight after time off -- it's a mess DOGSBREAKFAST
Clues Answers
One's pencilled in as reserve to go by second vessel SKETCHBOOK
Opposed to party faction's twisted solutions ANTIDOTES
Out of a black tower ABLOOM
Pine props put down by old man, wiggly things DADDYLONGLEGS
Published work showing eclipse OUTDO
Relation seen in sordid article ostracised UNCLE
Revolutionary sadder about eating the same English food CHEDDARCHEESE
Rotten row EMI timidly rejected, partly being out of date TIMEWORN
Sense head will go on strike -- there's much swearing here WITNESSBOX
Speed brought in by city's divine females NYMPHS
The old retiring teacher sadly consuming cold dish EYECATCHER
They cover river when sunrise breaks across it INSURERS
Troops crossing strait -- I limped over MILITIA
When prices jump or vault, it's said makers will be twitchy and tense SELLERSMARKET