Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Sep 9 2022

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Clues Answers
"Candida" playwright SHAW
"Night" author Wiesel ELIE
"Old MacDonald" refrain EIEIO
Accomplishes DOES
Bleeped term CUSSWORD
Bookkeepers (Abbr.) CPAS
Bullets AMMO
Casual shirt POLO
Clark's love LOIS
Consider DEEM
Country star West DOTTIE
Critic's critique REVIEW
Crucial time DDAY
Delegate ENVOY
Deuce topper TREY
Duel tool EPEE
English racetrack site EPSOM
Eternities EONS
Evergreen tree YEW
Extra virgin product OLIVEOIL
Fedora fabric FELT
Feedbag filler OATS
Fizzy drinks SODAS
French farewell AUREVOIR
From the top ANEW
Guided LED
Harvest REAP
Have brunch EAT
Hosp. area ICU
Make over REDO
Med. plan options HMOS
Mine, in Marseille AMOI
Clues Answers
Moody rock genre EMO
Name DUB
New York's — Field CITI
Ocular woe STYE
Old stringed instrument VIOL
Outback bird EMU
Paris pal AMI
Patella site KNEE
Peepers EYES
Pottery ovens KILNS
Puns and such WORDPLAY
Quick kiss PECK
Refer to CITE
Regarding ASTO
Rescues SAVES
Science room LAB
Scoundrel CAD
Spelling test study guide WORDLIST
Surrenders CEDES
Swiss artist Paul KLEE
Teeny bit IOTA
Tennis score ADIN
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Town near Padua ESTE
Treaties PACTS
TV pioneer RCA
UFO crew ETS
Verdi opera AIDA
Verily YEA
Work on proofs EDIT
Work with USE