Universal - Aug 17 2022

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Clues Answers
"Chandelier" singer SIA
"Man!" BOY
"Veni, ___, vici" VIDI
Affirm AVOW
Alphabetize, e.g SORT
AOL alternative MSN
Appetizer whose name is French for "sofa" CANAPE
At an end OVER
Blvd. relative AVE
Bookbinder's quote for attaching the exterior? COVERCHARGE
Bracelet bangle CHARM
Bread ingredient YEAST
Brief moment SEC
Calligrapher's supplies INKS
Camel's rest stop OASIS
Camera giant NIKON
Caribbean country where Voodoo is a recognized religion HAITI
Chilled ICED
Come into sight EMERGE
Connection point NODE
Contest submission ENTRY
Coordinate, as a Mac and iPhone SYNC
Decimal system BASETEN
Deli meat on rye PASTRAMI
Dropped out of sight, say DUCKED
Electrician's quote for getting electricity flowing? CURRENTPRICE
Employee benefit PERK
Encyclopedia contents, casually INFO
Etching solutions ACIDS
Fairy-tale fiend OGRE
Frame job figure? OPTICIAN
Gobi or Sahara DESERT
Having a twist IRONIC
Heavenly strings HARP
Hen's house COOP
Hit on the head CONK
Clues Answers
Horse hair MANE
It goes down in the winter SLED
It goes down the drain SNAKE
Juliet's surname CAPULET
Kia model RIO
Light weapon in fencing FOIL
Like some museum tours GUIDED
Lime or rust OXIDE
List shortener: Abbr ETAL
Lumberjack's chopper: Var AXE
Make cookies BAKE
Massages RUBS
Miles away AFAR
Name within "Constantine" STAN
Not outdoors INSIDE
Obstetrician's quote for assisting in childbirth? DELIVERYCOST
Orthodontist's quote for making an appliance? RETAINERFEE
Outback bird EMU
Pesto herb BASIL
Pitcher's gift ARM
Pizzeria hot spot OVEN
Polish, as prose EDIT
Pose a question ASK
Provo's place UTAH
Roof overhang EAVE
Singer Carly ___ Jepsen RAE
Small battery size AAA
Sparks' setting NEVADA
Squish with a shoe STEPON
Tennis legend Lendl IVAN
Toddler's break NAP
Warhol who said, "Making money is art" ANDY
Wedding words IDO
Went the distance LASTED
What comforters cover BEDS
Woolly mothers EWES
WWII turning point DDAY
___ slicker CITY