The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8985

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Clues Answers
3 Across process REACTION
Acnowledgment of a hit in fencing TOUCHE
Breathe out EXHALE
Bring about CAUSE
Certainly INDEED
Civil War royalist CAVALIER
Distinct compound or substance CHEMICAL
Garden mollusc SLUG
Grow smaller SHRINK
In the original position in situ
Looked for SOUGHT
Male domestic fowl COCK
Clues Answers
Ordinary; worldly MUNDANE
Playing tile DOMINO
SE Asian country CAMBODIA
Send into exile BANISH
Showing amusement LAUGHING
Square number SIXTEEN
Starchy root CASSAVA
Successor to Moses JOSHUA
Support UPHOLD
Violating the law CRIMINAL
White-skinned animal ALBINO