L.A. Times Daily - Aug 16 2022

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Clues Answers
"Heavens to Betsy!" GEEZLOUISE
"hehe" LOL
"I think we all know that!" DUH
"Terrible" time for tots (and their parents) TWOS
"What __ is new?" ELSE
"__ your head!": "Think!" USE
Actor Bana ERIC
Advantage EDGE
Apple device featuring Siri IPHONE
Aptly named hybrid fruit UGLI
Barton who wrote "A Story of the Red Cross" CLARA
Blue cheese from England STILTON
Can. neighbor USA
Carefully attentive OPENEYED
Catch sight of SPOT
Chinese philosophical principle TAO
Coldest temperature on record, e.g ALLTIMELOW
Course of action PLAN
Davis of "Do the Right Thing" OSSIE
Diagnostic test for epilepsy, for short EEG
Diamond-shaped pattern ARGYLE
Dull pain ACHE
Egyptian boy king TUT
Exude, as confidence OOZE
Fine spray MIST
Fire dept. rank LIEUT
Folk singer Guthrie ARLO
Have on WEAR
HBO's "Real Time With Bill __" MAHER
Heavenly sphere ORB
Hopeful but insubstantial? MEAGERLYEAGER
Horseback game with a namesake shirt POLO
Hot springs gemstone OPAL
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
Impolite but uptight? PRUDISHLYRUDISH
Is priced at COSTS
Jeff's wife on "Curb Your Enthusiasm" SUSIE
Clues Answers
Jot down NOTATE
Joyful shout CHEER
Juice extractor extraction PULP
Lentil pancake in Indian cuisine DOSA
Like pet birds, typically CAGED
Links org PGA
Liqueur with a licorice taste OUZO
Managed care gp HMO
Melber of MSNBC ARI
Mid-month day IDES
Mucky stuff GOO
NWSL official REF
Opera solo ARIA
Ozone-depleting chemical, for short CFC
Pampers all the time SPOILS
Playful but egocentric? SELFISHLYELFISH
Refueling ship OILER
Release, as steam LETOFF
Ship's front PROW
Skipped town LEFT
Solitary LONE
Speckled horse ROAN
Sport with scrums RUGBY
Spot for a pingpong table RECROOM
Stadium section LOGE
Start all over REDO
Starting on ASOF
Terrible but legal? LAWFULLYAWFUL
The Trojans of the NCAA USC
Tibetan priest LAMA
TMI part, briefly INFO
Travel by air FLY
Under __: sports apparel brand ARMOUR
Uphill climb SLOG
Words in the title of some tribute poems ODETO
__ and void NULL
__ Millions lottery MEGA