Universal - Aug 13 2022

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Clues Answers
"Act like I'm not here" DONTMINDME
"And there you have it!" TADA
"Dead Wake" author Larson ERIK
"It's clear to me!" ISEE
"Let's go driving!" HOPIN
"Level Up" singer CIARA
"Shot" or "spot" lead-in HOT
"Such a shame" ITSSAD
"Wait there," to a dog trainer STAY
"Yellowstone" rating TVMA
1953 Western nominated for two Oscars HONDO
Baltimore-based sports apparel giant UNDERARMOUR
Bluesy singer Bonnie RAITT
Celery topped with peanut butter and raisins ANTSONALOG
Center of a pear CORE
Cinnamon roll glaze ICING
Close by NEAR
Cookie sheet handler BAKER
Cookie sheet handlers MITTS
Cosmetic blush ROUGE
Decays ROTS
Drinking game contraption BEERBONG
Embellish with rhinestones, say ADORN
Failed internet ventures DOTBOMBS
Farm building that's often red BARN
Flip-flop THONG
French farewell ADIEU
Fuels oneself for a marathon CARBOLOADS
Gets a rapper going DROPSABEAT
Gets the bronze? TANS
Golden-haired BLOND
Inflict upon DOTO
Lead-in to a blunt truth ICANNOTLIE
Loses it GOESAPE
Clues Answers
March follower APRIL
Misspell something, e.g ERR
Muddles through COPES
Muscles targeted by crunches ABS
Name hidden in "colonel" LON
Narcissistic fitness fanatic GYMBUNNY
Nasty MEAN
Navy builder's nickname SEABEE
Omelet ingredients EGGS
One may say "Shiver me timbers!" PIRATE
One of about 843 in Central Park ACRE
Patronized, as a cafe DINEDAT
Pizza type not named after a drink MARGHERITA
Point-of-view columns OPEDS
Pressing items? STEAMIRONS
Pumpkin morsel SEED
Record label or TV brand RCA
Relaxes in a recliner SITSBACK
Return to a lower court REMAND
Singer Chesney or Loggins KENNY
Space Mountain, e.g RIDE
Statement that may be "humble" BRAG
The deer in The Hartford's logo, e.g STAG
Theater award whose name sounds like two letters OBIE
Three-story abode for Barbie DREAMHOUSE
Turn on one foot PIVOT
Vaping device ECIG
Verona vino SOAVE
Warmup bands, e.g OPENINGACTS
Website for film lovers IMDB
What forms over a scrape SCAB
Wicked EVIL
Wolf, in Juarez LOBO
Word before "boss" or "bull" PIT
___ rice (Cajun dish) DIRTY