USA Today - Nov 3 2010

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Clues Answers
"Good Lovin'" singers (with "The") YOUNGRASCALS
"On the other hand . . ." YET
"That's a mouse!" EEK
"___ the season to be jolly" TIS
Big artery AORTA
Bookmaker's bane RAID
Bootlickers YESMEN
Brazen obviousness BLATANCY
Bright oceanic food fish OPAH
Bullpen stats ERAS
Canada and snow GEESE
Canoeing challenge EDDY
Capital of Norway OSLO
Cause irritation RANKLE
Commentator's page OPED
Common make-believe drink TEA
Drove (around) TOOLED
Earth-mover SHOVEL
Employee of 23-Across TESLA
Exam taker TESTEE
Fixture not to be confused with a toilet BIDET
Flightless bird MOA
Furiousness IRE
Go completely nuts LOSEIT
Gorged, perhaps ATE
Group with a common ancestor CLAN
Informal top TEE
Instrumental muffler MUTE
Jab with a prod GOAD
Jai alai ball PELOTA
Kids of armed forces personnel MILITARYBRATS
Kill, as a bill VETO
Larry Bird, notably CELTIC
Last word in church AMEN
Liable to bungle INEPT
Liberty Island attraction STATUE
Clues Answers
Literary "before" ERE
Masseur's targets KNOTS
Microscopic building block ATOM
Mo. Kwanzaa begins DEC
Mobile state? (Abbr.) ALA
Nonclerical LAIC
Oater actor Van Cleef LEE
One of a raising pair? STILT
Pa. hours EST
Pear center CORE
Pizzeria patron EATER
Plastic surgery procedure TUCK
Ponzi schemes, e.g. SCAMS
Port of Italy GENOA
Positive aspect UPSIDE
Prolific inventor EDISON
Quick and well-coordinated AGILE
Raptor's spur TALON
Republicans or Democrats, collectively PARTY
Result of cogitating, perhaps IDEA
Secluded valley GLEN
Short blast of a whistle TOOT
Short order cook's tool FRYPAN
Sinai slitherer ASP
Solemn agreement COVENANT
Something to shoot through LENS
Speechless actor? MIME
Sprockets COGS
Supermarket freebie SAMPLE
Susan's "Dead Man Walking" co-star SEAN
Talk, talk, talk YAP
Tarzan's trademark YELL
Tourney type OPEN
Vampire's other form BAT
Viral illness FLU
Work undercover, in a way SPY
Yard access GATE
Zen puzzle KOAN