The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2197

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Clues Answers
Abrasive material also seen in Society publication SANDPAPER
Actor flying over India and a country in Europe CROATIA
An allowance no single sailor rejected RATION
Botched raid when entering house in style HAIRDO
Cake is solid on top once cooked SCONE
Career sites designed for office workers SECRETARIES
Charm shown during job interview OBI
Complimentary cover ultimately incorporated into cost FREE
Course requiring permit to be getting on PASSAGE
Cunning tips from several rowers SLEIGHT
Etiquette surrounding university discussion group FORUM
Every other piece of jelly in the cream ELITE
Clues Answers
Excellent oil beaten to make mayonnaise AIOLI
Exercise before heading for something to drink press-up
Friends put up with criticism for comedy SLAPSTICK
Nasty individual chore? piece of work
Persevere with a new motto SLOGAN
Primate guarding small part of church APSE
Ruffles feathers in Scottish team, dismissing leader ANGERS
Season well SPRING
Section of orchestra in main pit, possibly TIMPANI
Signal over top mathematician EUCLID
Some fear a chest infection? EARACHE
Veg and fruit, chopped PEA