Wall Street Journal - Aug 10 2022 - Extreme Situation

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Clues Answers
“Here, I’ll demonstrate” WATCH
1987 Costner role NESS
Atlas detail INSET
Bear call SELL
Bitter, perhaps COLD
Board appointment CEO
British Columbia resort WHISTLER
Casual farewell TATA
Cattle call MOO
Character revealer TEST
Chocolate syrup brand since 1928 BOSCO
Clear off FLEE
Comic makeup PANELS
Command HEAD
Cooler suffix ADE
Country 50 miles from Cuba HAITI
Cruise stop ISLE
Deep disgust ODIUM
Diamonds, e.g SUIT
Eau body LAC
Endorses OKS
Evangelist’s target SINNER
First name in scat ELLA
Fleeting BRIEF
Given under oath SWORN
He ran against Franklin in 1936 ALF
Holocaust authority Wiesel ELIE
In the near future SOONISH
Janis’s spouse in the comics ARLO
Las Vegas Springs was once a natural one OASIS
Laser pointer battery AAAA
Lasso in England TED
Letters seen in geometry class PIS
Like honking out of frustration RUDE
Like many roads TWOLANE
Like the delivery of many a prepared speech ROBOTIC
Lily variety ASIATIC
Clues Answers
Mag. unit ISS
Mood enhancer UPPER
Much-praised deity ALLAH
New alternative USED
Outdoor cooker GASGRILL
Peach or plum TREE
Pedigree LINEAGE
Permanent place? SALON
Picture-hanging instruction, maybe LOWER
Pretense SHOW
Problems that occur exclusively in extreme situations, and a hint to this puzzle’s borders EDGECASES
Punch sound POW
Pungent wit SALT
Push forward IMPEL
Quetzalcoatl worshiper TOLTEC
Rank, in a way SEED
Reel off LIST
Schedule, as an appointment BOOK
She never stopped loving Rick ILSA
Sport with bamboo swords KENDO
Spot for a yacht SLIP
Stop by ENDAT
Suffix for computer or telegraph ESE
Thigh-high? FEMORAL
Tibia’s top KNEE
Tire layer PLY
Troubles ILLS
Trust alternative WILL
Trusting to a fault NAIVE
Unattached LOOSE
Very, very EVERSO
Violating convention OUTRE
Winery array CASKS
Won back RETOOK
Words after pack, rub or phone ITIN
Writer’s stroke SLASH
Youngest “Three Sisters” sister IRINA
___ publica (the state, legally) RES