The Guardian - Weekend crossword No 604 - Aug 6 2022

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Clues Answers
A manoeuvre favoured by drivers and politicians such as 11,17 and 7 UTURN
An unlikely result for the next election report, if polls are to be believed TORYGAIN
British army barracks on the outskirts of Inverness CAMERON
Celia __, actor who starred in Brief Encounter (1945) JOHNSON
Dad's Army character PIKE
EM Forster novel that led to 11's election as Conservative party leader? HOWARDS
Jeremy __, cabinet secretary 2012-2018 HEYWOOD
Joe Biden's dog MAJOR
John __, BBC reporter forever associated with the downfall of Margaret Thatcher SERGEANT
John __, former US astronaut and senator GLENN
King murdered by Macbeth DUNCAN
Leader of the Peasants' Revolt in 1381 WATTYLER
Clues Answers
Lear's daughter, the sister of Goneril and Regan CORDELIA
Mr & Mrs __, movie starring Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt SMITH
Neapolitan song used to sell Cornettos? OSOLEMIO
Popular name for a member of the Unification Church MOONIE
See 15 END
Shakespeare's month of darling buds? MAY
Single cells capable of asexual reproduction through fragmentation GEMMAE
The responsibility to do something ONUS
The wife of Orpheus EURIDYCE
__ Betty, US comedy-drama series UGLY
__ Project, visitor attraction in Cornwall EDEN
__ Weir OBE, Scottish campaigner on motor neurone disease DODDIE