The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,057 - Aug 4 2022

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Clues Answers
America embraces wise traditions USAGES
Applicable experience again taking a time RELATIVE
Bans cheers with drinks, we hear TABOOS
Be obnoxiously repetitious? Extremely, initially BORE
Bigger volume found on plant VASTER
Bristles supporting oddly easy judges ESTEEMS
Brooded with rage seeing caricature SATIRE
Etonian forced to change Union CONFEDERATION
First lady's accepting fine and summons EVOKES
Fish in spot catching current PLAICE
Flash from dress seen on street STROBE
Goes round revolting sex attractions MOTIVES
Limp through small deficiency SLACK
Loathsome defendant admitting murder finally ACCURSED
Looks for ladies? PEERS
Clues Answers
Needful and penniless? Bad, I fancy INDISPENSABLE
Party possibly getting on. It's binding! BANDAGING
Pressure sweetheart in careless propositions PREMISES
Quiet shame follows United getting arrogant UPPITY
Record by Queen overturned hype READ
Rising start of social outcast sickens REPELS
Sailed around lake being stuffed BLOATED
Second key cut revealed key, perhaps SKELETON
Single woman almost strict covering legs SPINSTER
Snooze after eating dad's food REPAST
Some flood is, as termed, washout DISASTER
Spikes demon drink with soda, principally IMPALES
Stand outside work before power shutdown STOPPAGE
Stuff one on ancient beef PASTRAMI
Terribly ill on beer provoking uprising REBELLION