The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 8974

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Clues Answers
As one unit en bloc
Betrayers TRAITORS
Dealer in, eg, minks FURRIER
Demonstrate SHOW
Exudation from trees RESIN
Group of African languages BANTU
Injures; rhyme for Brahms HARMS
Land enclosing a body of water LAKESIDE
Large amphibian BULLFROG
Large deer ELKS
Liveliness ESPRIT
Main meal DINNER
Monkey bread tree BAOBAB
More mature OLDER
Clues Answers
Not needing others self-contained
Opening for viewing EYEHOLE
Organise ARRANGE
Overwhelm ENGULF
Place to moor a ship WHARF
Presented as a list ITEMISED
Scots child BAIRN
Sign of assent NOD
Smooth; element IRON
Unlawful killing MURDER
Use needle and thread SEW
Variety of rice BASMATI
Young male horse COLT