Wall Street Journal - Aug 4 2022 - Think Inside the Box

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Clues Answers
“I never spoke with God, ___visited in heaven”: Emily Dickinson NOR
“Persuasion” heroine ANNE
“You have a guess?” ANYIDEA
A in French class UNE
Amount of chocolate given to a Valentine, often FUL
Andean root vegetable OCA
Apart from SAVE
Balloon SWELL
Beyond blue FILTHY
Birthplace of Representative Ilhan Omar SOMALIA
Blown away by INAWEOF
Bombard, as with snowballs PELT
Burmese relief spot? LITTER
Campaign fundraisers, sometimes DINNERS
Chances a ticket SPEEDS
Christmas follower INGDAY
Colorful yet harmful bloom REDTIDE
Confess OWNUP
Crane-construction technique ORIGAMI
Displays derision SNEERS
Dozen for Hercules LABORS
Dr. Fauci’s agcy NIH
Engender a fender bender REAREND
Fail to act SITBY
Fair feature RIDE
Film take, so to speak OFFICE
First name in Notre Dame football coaching ARA
Hairstyle popularized by Janet Jackson BRAIDS
Heads overseas? TETES
High way to the hospital MEDEVAC
High-minded LOFTY
Hit makers KILLERS
HPV and HIV, e.g STDS
I may stand for it ONE
Intelligence SMARTS
It might have a game on the back CEREAL
Clues Answers
It’s used for tracking shots BARTAB
Jason of “How I Met Your Mother” SEGEL
Jobs creation APPLE
Like an Indianapolis race MAYORAL
Lisbon lady SENHORA
Luxury liner? FUR
Lyon’s Pont Pasteur spans it RHONE
Made to order CUSTOM
Mao follower? TSE
Move determiner, at times DIE
Mower maker TORO
Novel part CHAPTER
Novel part SPINE
Organic acid variety AMINO
Oz creator BAUM
Pitching goal SALE
Possible locale for eating green eggs and ham INA
Prayer surface MAT
Proof of purchase, often TOP
Put in a log ENTERED
Radiantly happy BEAMISH
Ready for a fight SHADOW
Reason to get vaxxed FLU
Refrigerator, old-style ICE
Sling component GIN
Some are binary STARS
Strike out DELETE
T or F, sometimes ANS
The tallest ever was over 1,700 feet TSUNAMI
Their backs often open like garage doors TRUCKS
Touched off IGNITED
Transcript fig GPA
Tuned in HIP
Turnt, as a party LIT
Work on a wall MURAL
You shouldn’t stuff it BALLOT