L.A. Times Daily - Aug 3 2022

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Clues Answers
"Fist of Legend" action star JETLI
"Phooey!" NERTS
"So true!" IAGREE
"__ too shabby!" NOT
*"We'll never understand" ITSAMYSTERY
*Color named for a fruit LIMEGREEN
*Large bovine of American folklore BABETHEBLUEOX
*Political satirist who wrote "Holidays in Hell" PJOROURKE
Algonquian language OJIBWA
Architect Saarinen EERO
Childish response ARETOO
Cinco de __ MAYO
City near Syracuse UTICA
Climbing vine with purple flowers WISTERIA
Colony critter ANT
Compete in the Super G, e.g SKI
Connecting flights STAIRS
Cream cheese, e.g SPREAD
Cross off XOUT
D'backs, in box scores ARI
Data unit BYTE
Director's call PLACES
Discreet summons PSST
Fabrication LIE
Familia members TIAS
Freeway exits OFFRAMPS
Get back RECOUP
Golfer Palmer, informally ARNIE
High coif UPDO
Hindu spiritual adviser GURU
Horace's "__ Poetica" ARS
Hotel postings RATES
Indian dignitaries RAJAHS
Leader with an .edu address DEAN
Lenient LAX
Like a designated driver SOBER
Lipton drink ICETEA
Loaf that may contain caraway seeds RYE
Louisa May Alcott classic whose main characters are hidden in the answers to the starred clues LITTLEWOMEN
Clues Answers
Magnitude EXTENT
Make bootees, say KNIT
Mascara target LASH
Masthead VIPs EDS
Maxims SAWS
Name of 13 popes LEO
Neigh-sayer HORSE
Not just a few EVERY
Not strict with EASYON
Not yet firm UNSET
Org. with a Climate Change section on its website EPA
Over again ANEW
Overhead trains ELS
Pizzeria order PIE
Poker pot KITTY
Possessive pronoun HER
Pt. of many long weekends FRI
Pub round BEERS
Public face PERSONA
Ranch unit ACRE
Recede EBB
Residue in a charcoal grill ASH
Rival FOE
Rose and fell on the waves BOBBED
Sink or swim VERB
Slithery swimmer EEL
Sports rep AGT
Starting squad ATEAM
Tampa Bay baseballers RAYS
Teller of corny jokes, stereotypically DAD
Ten, for openers DECA
The older of baseball's two leagues: Abbr NATL
Umbrella spokes RIBS
Vamoose FLEE
Wonderment AWE
__ chi: martial art TAI
__ latte: dairy-free order SOY
__ Palmas: Canary Islands port LAS