New York Times - Nov 30 2001

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Clues Answers
'South Pacific' hero EMILE
'You Can Call Me Al' singer SIMON
'___ framed!' IWAS
4-Down's twin PHIL
A restaurant patron said ... INEVEREATSNAILS
Actress Heckart EILEEN
Adam's-needle, e.g. YUCCA
Artful SLY
Blue-ribbon SELECT
Can't take ABHOR
Chapter in 20th-century hist. WWII
Church abutter, maybe MANSE
Corner pieces ELLS
Cracker, of sorts YEGG
Dalmatian, e.g. CROAT
Designer for Jackie OLEG
Eden, for one EARL
Empathetic words ICARE
Epiphany figures MAGI
Eyed rudely LEERED
Firedome, for one DESOTO
Frosted RIMY
G, e.g. NOTE
Gets specific NAMESNAMES
Got shot in a studio? POSED
Grounds DREGS
Happy-go-lucky person, perhaps WHISTLER
Hinged flap on an airplane ELEVON
In one's cups SOTTED
It's ruled by a sultan OMAN
Java is in it ASIA
Kind of bone TARSAL
Legal thing RES
Lid problems STYES
Like 'chow' vis-à-vis 'edibles' SLANGIER
Clues Answers
Like a mite WEE
Like Homo habilis ERECT
Like school, sometimes OUT
Loser at Châlons in A.D. 451 ATTILA
Make good on REPAY
Make ___ of AMAN
Man of means, in Manchester NOB
Member of a pod SEAL
Niggling PETTY
Nineveh's river TIGRIS
Noisy groups GAGGLES
Prepared numbers REPERTOIRE
Priceless? FREE
Pump with money ENDOW
Remington rival NORELCO
Retail store opening? WAL
Shout before firing AIM
Signature piece? PEN
Six Day War combatant SYRIAN
Skier Mahre STEVE
Some alerts, for short APBS
Some stay at home DADS
Some TV's RCAS
Statement upon delivery ITSAGIRL
Sun-cracked SERE
Superior strings AMATIS
The patron replied ... IPREFERFASTFOOD
The waiter asked ... WHY
They have short legs and long ears BASSETS
Welcome to one's home SEEIN
With pluck GAMELY
___ signum ECCE