New York Times - Aug 1 2022

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Clues Answers
'Can you say more about that?' CARETOELABORATE
'Frozen' queen ELSA
'Now, where ___ we?' WERE
'Shoot!' DARN
'Silly goose!' OHYOU
'The Shining' plot device that became significant when read backward REDRUM
'The Walking Dead' cable channel AMC
'Va-va-___!' VOOM
'Why, you little ...' SONOFA
'___ Abner' LIL
'___ as directed' (medicine bottle caution) USE
Actress Dunaway FAYE
Anger IRE
Balanced disposition EVENKEEL
Banish, as from a country EXILE
Capital of Norway OSLO
Carne ___ (taco choice) ASADA
Ceiling beams RAFTERS
Choir member TENOR
Classic game show ... or a hint to 17-, 26- and 47-Across THEPRICEISRIGHT
Classic German camera LEICA
Compos mentis SANE
Cosa ____ (Mafia) NOSTRA
Cuisine with pad see ew THAI
Desserts with crusts PIES
Duke of ___, title for Prince Harry SUSSEX
Early ___ (morning person) RISER
Expressed displeasure, as for an opposing team BOOED
False god IDOL
Feline meme since around 2006 LOLCAT
First-aid boxes, e.g KITS
German luxury cars BMWS
Great Plains tribe OTOE
Have empathy (for) FEEL
High cost in New York and San Francisco RENT
Hold tightly (to) CLING
Honolulu's island OAHU
Hypotheticals IFS
Clues Answers
Implores URGES
Input for a barista's grinder WHOLEBEANCOFFEE
Leave in, editorially STET
Like a kindergarten room, often MESSY
Love, with 'the' LWORD
Lumberjack's tool AXE
Middle column on a calendar: Abbr WED
Online crafts marketplace ETSY
Payment app whose name is now a verb VENMO
Police officer COP
Popular fleece-lined boots UGGS
Radio frequency letters AMFM
Reef predator EEL
Rich soil LOAM
Rock bottom LOWPOINT
Situps tighten them ABS
Starring role LEAD
T, on a test TRUE
Tactic employed by the Vietcong GUERILLAWARFARE
Take to court SUE
Tennis's Nadal, informally RAFA
Textile factory container DYEVAT
The complete set ALL
The difference between Mara and Maria? ANI
The Rolling Stones' '___ a Rainbow' SHES
Things checked by T.S.A. workers IDS
Three on a grandfather clock III
Tiny WEE
To whom you might cry 'Ahoy!' MATEY
Twosomes PAIRS
Underneath BELOW
Uptick in salary RAISE
Vowel quintet AEIOU
Web designer's code HTML
What baseball players, striking employees and pet dogs each do WALK
What's missing in ___erican ___press AMEX
Word that would seem to be a portmanteau of 'traveling groups,' but isn't TROUPES
[For shame!] TSK