Universal - Jul 29 2022

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Clues Answers
"Groovy," in the '80s RAD
"Star Wars" princess LEIA
"Stop oversharing," in a text TMI
"The Simpsons" girl LISA
"This really confuses me" IMLOST
"To thine own self be ___" ("Hamlet") TRUE
"Ulysses," to many readers? HARDNOVEL
"You are so right!" AMEN
"You think your threats scare me?" ANDIFIDONT
AAA offering TOW
African capital by the Mediterranean ALGIERS
Answer you're unsure of GUESS
Arches National Park's location UTAH
Bases' chemical counterparts ACIDS
Became apparent AROSE
Beef-grading org USDA
Best Boxer, e.g ESPY
Broad road: Abbr AVE
Broadway group CAST
Bursts of anger RAGES
Capital of Ecuador QUITO
Central concepts THEMES
Clearly visible OVERT
Comprehend SEE
Dated boyfriend? BEAU
Day parts: Abbr HRS
Designer Maya LIN
Elmer Fudd frame, perhaps CEL
Eventually hear about something GETTHEMEMO
How cold cuts are priced PERPOUND
Iceberg relative ROMAINE
Ill-considered RASH
In this place HERE
It's not right ERROR
Clues Answers
Jobs available at a pop-up Halloween store, e.g.? FALLPOSITIONS
Lady Godiva, notably? BARERIDER
Late-night flight REDEYE
Leo's animal LION
Lode load ORE
May honoree MOM
Meaty spreads PATES
Negative response IHADNT
One may find a diamond in the rough MINER
Org. concerned with oral exams? ADA
Org. whose members have clubs PGA
Packs away STOWS
Poe's middle name ALLAN
Poirot's approval OUI
Result of a QB's mistake INT
Role or song in "West Side Story" MARIA
Short primates? CHIMPS
Slightly ATAD
Something ___ entirely ELSE
Sound system STEREO
Speedy superhero's short appearance in a movie? FLASHSEQUENCE
Starchy vegetables YAMS
Stud site EARLOBE
Sushi side with soybeans EDAMAME
Train whistle sound TOOT
Unable to decide TORN
Walk heavily TRAMP
Was very informative (about) SAIDALOT
Watery septet SEAS
What mostly operates underground in D.C METRO
Winter ailments FLUS
Word for a Latin lover AMO
___ circles (patterns in fields) CROP
___ Lee (company that made lots of dough) SARA
___ McAn shoes THOM
___ pride GAY
___ root (two, for eight) CUBE