The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2189

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Clues Answers
Adversaries from SE1, people hostile, ultimately, to the west ENEMIES
An agreement among European nations that won’t take off in Australia EMU
Attempt, by the way, to find meeting place TRYST
Cut in tattered garment TUNIC
Details of account raving at Kent batsmen bank statement
EU protest, after disturbance, dies away peters out
Fresh, if woolly state? new jersey
Genning up: it regularly leads to boredom ENNUI
Having distinctive feel of top camel’s hair, somehow ATMOSPHERICAL
I’m training learner to drive IMPEL
Low point in Charlton or Lewisham at first COL
Meeting back in Illinois’s essential SESSION
Clues Answers
Mostly red bike to be green? RECYCLE
Originally shot and wounded outside southern military college SANDHURST
Possible name of Italian club maybe in S American port RICARDO
Risk that involves everyone dancing BALLET
Saying little, Nicola’s mad about Charlie LACONIC
Scrabble has four of these things rambler may need to negotiate STILES
Search for someone’s mother and sister, keeping husband close to heart MANHUNT
Singers having sheets of paper for broadcast? CHOIR
Small helper of Santa’s picked up, remaining calm? self-collected
Tied up in RE, in a gloomy state MOORED
TV detective going inside meanwhile, wisely LEWIS
Writes off sums TOTALS