Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 19 2022

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Clues Answers
"Absolutely not!" FATCHANCE
"Absolutely not!" NEVEREVER
"Awesome!" RAD
"Close one!" PHEW
"Entourage" role ARI
"Lion" actor Patel DEV
"Terrif!" FAB
Already BYNOW
Author Tan AMY
Author Umberto ECO
Bolshevik leader LENIN
Chowed down ATE
Citric beverage ADE
Coach Parseghian ARA
Common verb ARE
Dandy guy FOP
Dept. store inventory GDS
Diocese part PARISH
Earth's neighbor MARS
Eggy quaff NOG
Formal decrees DICTA
Freight train unit BOXCAR
French salt SEL
Fuss ADO
Genetic letters RNA
Go too far OVERDO
Heavy weight TON
Holler YELL
Homebuyer's option CONDO
Id counterpart EGO
Indian lentil dish DAL
Informal pronoun YALL
Clues Answers
Iota BIT
Japanese sash OBI
JFK's predecessor DDE
Lab eggs OVA
Long journeys TREKS
Love, Italian-style AMORE
Luau souvenir LEI
Macadamized PAVED
Magic, on scoreboards ORL
Majestic GRAND
Mountain crest ARETE
Olympian queen HERA
Paris school ECOLE
Roulette bet RED
Sea, to Henri MER
Season opener? PRE
Singer Nick JONAS
Singer Tormé MEL
Sir's counterpart MADAM
Slightly open AJAR
Slightly wet DAMP
Small burger SLIDER
Solo of "Star Wars" HAN
Sports venue ARENA
Stand-in PROXY
Star in Orion's foot RIGEL
Stretches (out) EKES
Tennis score ADIN
Tennis star Rafael NADAL
Transcript no GPA
Type choice FONT
Wizard Potter HARRY
— -Magnon CRO