Universal - Jul 25 2022

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Clues Answers
"Dream on!" ASIF
"Eww!" GROSS
"If all ___ fails ..." ELSE
"That's disappointing!" AWMAN
"The cruellest month," per T.S. Eliot APRIL
"Totally!" SOTRUE
'50s singer Washington DINAH
Accompanied by WITH
Amazes and delights THRILLS
Bakery lure AROMA
Beagle sound ARF
Belonging to thee THINE
Birds Aren't ___ (satirical conspiracy theory) REAL
Blu-ray relatives DVDS
Buzzer? BEE
Caribou's cousin ELK
Catchall category: Abbr MISC
Cephalopod with a spiral shell NAUTILUS
Comaneci at the Montreal Olympics NADIA
Deck with boughs of holly, e.g ADORN
Demonic EVIL
Doctor's charge FEE
Does a gymnastics leap VAULTS
Droplet of sweat BEAD
Enjoys the limelight BASKS
Event with a Best Play award ESPYS
Fall lead-in TRIP
Food to coddle or separate EGG
Go yachting, say SAIL
Granola ingredients OATS
Gray-green herb SAGE
Green divider between fields HEDGEROW
Happen again RECUR
Husband of a countess EARL
It points to 12 on the hour BIGHAND
Clues Answers
Kind of lamp or cake LAVA
Longest-serving POTUS FDR
Major denial? NOSIR
Middle Eastern ruler EMIR
Nickname for archaeologist Jones INDY
Numbered musical piece OPUS
Onetime Cuzco resident INCA
Org. that launched the Hubble telescope NASA
Ottawa-born crooner Paul ANKA
Phrase you may say after the clues to 20-, 25- and 42-Across WHATHAVEWEHERE
Puff on an e-cig VAPE
Pulse-taking point WRIST
Rae of "Insecure" ISSA
Really bad, informally WACK
Recover HEAL
Remorse GUILT
Riga resident LATVIAN
Roman goddess of love VENUS
Santa ___ (California wine city) ROSA
Serene Sky mattress maker SERTA
Short miner, often, in fantasy DWARF
Sneaky SLY
Sparks may fly from it FLINT
Stack snugly NEST
Stock market pessimists BEARS
Swinging times? ATBATS
Take on some moguls SKI
Tellers of corny jokes, stereotypically DADS
Type ILK
Vicinities AREAS
Wealthy campaign donor FATCAT
Where oil prices aren't exorbitant? ARTSALE
___ fail EPIC
___ jockey DISC