The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,041 - Jul 16 2022

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Clues Answers
Bait transported in kilogram container KITBAG
Band playing toast us covering Queen STATUSQUO
Carry out most of device for training muscles EXERCISE
Completely using different lethal method ALLTHEWAY
Even question adult entering rising river EQUABLE
Flighty creature trapped in Luke's trellis KESTREL
Gloomy articles about first person in Nancy's clothing BLUEJEANS
Hide around Marrakesh? MOROCCO
Holiday depression RECESS
Jeer Tom perhaps prior to visit CATCALL
Laid blame on defendant ACCUSED
Lodge with crowd approaching hotel with banker GATEHOUSE
Minus? Completely baffle NONPLUS
New denture given permanent position TENURED
Objects involved in hard sell? IRONWARE
Clues Answers
One from southern Europe racing round with hidden energy GRECIAN
Pal needs a modified front ESPLANADE
Pass along the way OVERTAKE
Pin that's more crooked? SKEWER
Possibly a curse having a pause in verse CAESURA
Races around after failure, causing alert BOMBSCARE
Rugby quartet included allowed stream RIVULET
Shaver returned large sea creature! RAZORBACK
Stretch inside the long atelier ELONGATE
Striking beast? WILDCAT
Sugar shortage members reported LACTOSE
The Parisian going to Missouri and New York could be fruity! LEMONY
Wandering in I natter, wandering ITINERANT
Weaker beer elf brewed FEEBLER
What carer must do to make youngster take a seat BABYSIT