USA Today - Oct 29 2010

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Clues Answers
". . . to thine own ___ be true" (Shakespeare) SELF
"A likely story!" HAH
"Beau Geste" author WREN
"I ___ bad moon rising" SEEA
"Les Miserables" writer HUGO
"She Loves You" refrain word YEAH
"___ a far, far better thing that I do . . ." (Dickens) ITIS
"___ we forget" (Kipling) LEST
1871 Verdi opera AIDA
A million millennia EON
Abbr. after a list of names ETAL
Actor Fernando or Lorenzo LAMAS
Advance toward evening LATEN
Adversary RIVAL
Alaska's Prince William ___ SOUND
Almost-finished cigar STUB
An eye for poetry? ORB
Arafat's successor ABBAS
Artist's studio ATELIER
Bakers get a rise out of it YEAST
Banks and some sharks LENDERS
Big name in electronics SONY
Bygone Ford PINTO
Certain bridge players EASTS
Chinese official's office YAMEN
Clerical robe ALB
Coffee cup covers LIDS
Congested-sounding NASAL
Dime dropper INFORMER
Dracula portrayer Lugosi BELA
Dry gulch ARROYO
Elementary school activity SHOWANDTELL
Eliciting a "So what?" BLAH
First manned spacecraft on the moon EAGLE
Fleming and Holm IANS
Garage filler AUTO
Highly unconventional OUTRE
Horned Frogs' sch. TCU
Huge amounts SLEWS
Clues Answers
In need of fuel LOW
Indian or Yankee BIGLEAGUER
Iron output STEAM
Lamenter's comment ALAS
Listlessness LETHARGY
Makes one's way WENDS
March Madness org. NCAA
Meat on a stick (Var.) KABOB
More solid upstairs SANER
Mrs. Garrett on "The Facts of Life" EDNA
Nancy Drew's beau NED
One too shrewd to be tricked NOBODYSFOOL
One-way street no-no UTURN
Pays to free from captivity RANSOMS
Person, place or thing NOUN
Points where ulnarànerves pass near the surface FUNNYBONES
Prime minister between Churchill's terms ATTLEE
Quite excited AGOG
Santa ___ race track ANITA
Show consumer confidence? EAT
Some Indian music pieces RAGAS
Song from yesteryear OLDIE
Suggest, as a price ASK
Supporter of women? BRA
Sylvester, in Tweetyspeak TAT
They may pass cash under the table BRIBERS
Thicket of bushes COPSE
Vote of agreement YEA
Warbler's sound TRILL
What identical twins have in common DNA
Where small suits are put on CABANAS
William Tell's canton URI
Yoko from Tokyo ONO
You can make one for yourself NAME
___ & Perrins (sauce brand) LEA
___ one's ways (obstinate) SETIN
___-nothing (risking everything) ALLOR