L.A. Times Daily - Oct 29 2010

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Clues Answers
"... draw you __?" AMAP
"C'mon, man!" DUDE
"The Big Bang Theory" character from India RAJ
"The Neverending Story" author ENDE
1989 Peace Prize winner DALAILAMA
Actress Charisse CYD
Amer. capital USD
Atlantic flier ERNE
Austin Powers' nemesis Dr. __ EVIL
Banning CFC production, e.g.? OZONEDEFENSE
Batman after Michael VAL
Beats 1-0, say EDGES
Beliefs TENETS
Blanket-toting toon LINUS
By doing whatever it takes SOMEHOW
Campaign weaponry? MUD
Cellular messenger RNA
Co-producer of U2's "Achtung Baby" ENO
Concerns for jrs. and srs. SATS
Cook with waves ZAP
Corp. boss CEO
Cul-__ DESAC
Dealing with INRE
Designed for ancient sorcerers? MAGESPECIFIC
Do a little math SUM
Exile of 1979 AMIN
Explorer initials MSN
Film holders REELS
First NHL defenseman to score 40 goals in a season ORR
Former Vietnam area mostly S. of the 17th parallel DMZ
Genesis baking ingredient? YEASTOFEDEN
George of "Cheers" WENDT
It helps prevent stumbling CUECARD
It's a loch NESS
Kaffiyeh wearer ARAB
Late party attire PJS
Like some windows DRIVETHRU
Clues Answers
Maryland's Fort __ MEADE
Merrie __ England OLDE
Mess of dough WAD
Met notable OPERASTAR
Nikkei 225 unit YEN
Northern Eur. land SWE
One often working on Sun. NFLER
One on a beat COP
Original Dungeons & Dragons co. TSR
Oxford campus OLEMISS
Package directive CAREOF
Panic button EJECT
Piedmont product ASTI
Pranks at the Bohr Institute? ATOMFOOLERY
Product at a stand ADE
Raw material FODDER
Rookie's initiation RAZZING
Rubble creator TNT
Sandwich request, and a literal hint to how the answers at 19-, 27-, 46- and 54-Across are formed EXTRAMAYO
Scary magazine holder UZI
Sea change with far-reaching effects ELNINO
Sign of summer LEO
Single ONE
Soap component LYE
Soda bottle meas. OZS
Sonoma prefix OEN
Stadium entrance STILE
Taken down a notch DEMOTED
Trouble ADO
TV screen meas. DIAG
Two shakes, with "a" JIFF
Type of pigment used in artists' paints AZO
Ultimatum end ELSE
USN officers CDRS
Western treaty gp. OAS
What can turn one into many? ESS
What musicians take between sets? FIVE
__-en-Provence AIX