Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Aug 9 2022

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Clues Answers
"A spider!" EEK
"Auld Lang —" SYNE
"Cutie," e.g PETNAME
"Hush!" ZIPIT
"No —!" ("Sure thing!") PROB
"Ulalume" writer POE
"You bet!" YES
"— 18" (Uris novel) MILA
"— It Romantic?" ISNT
Abrupt turn ZAG
Actor Jannings EMIL
Actor Omar EPPS
Away from SSW NNE
Boy king TUT
Broadway duds FLOPS
Buckeyes' sch OSU
Cat doc VET
Chemical suffix ENE
China setting ASIA
Coop group HENS
Crystal-tapping sound TING
Dairy case buy YOGURT
Dandy guy FOP
Davis of "Jezebel" BETTE
Dress store section PETITES
Equi- ISO
Exploit USE
Force DINT
Funnel-shaped bloom PETUNIA
Half a sextet TRIO
Hermits LONERS
Herrings' cousins SHADS
However YET
Clues Answers
In shape FIT
Inherited GOT
Jazzy style BOP
Ladies of Spain (Abbr.) SRAS
Lay — the line ITON
Life story BIO
Love god AMOR
Madonna role EVITA
Mas' mates PAS
Montana city BUTTE
Nabokov novel PNIN
Not barefoot SHOD
On the Aegean, say ASEA
Pond duck TEAL
Quibble NIT
Quite VERY
Raggedy doll ANN
Right angles ELLS
Sandwich option ROLL
Scare badly PETRIFY
Scot's refusal NAE
Screen star Lamarr HEDY
Squealer RAT
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Tibetan bovine YAK
Toledo's lake ERIE
Tub user BATHER
URL opener HTTP
Wall St. debut IPO
Wild party BASH