USA Today - Aug 25 2022

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Clues Answers
'Having said that . . .' BUT
'I await your response' LETMEKNOW
'I don't get it' HUH
'Our Violent ___' (Chloe Gong novel) ENDS
'There's no going back' WHATSDONEISDONE
'They've got ___ of nerve!' ALOT
'You ___ fox!' SLY
A msitake like this TYPO
Affirmative vote YEA
Almost all MOST
Ancient Germanic letter RUNE
At a distance AFAR
Awards show host EMCEE
Bit of lore TALE
Blessed using oil ANOINTED
Broad road AVENUE
Casual greeting HEY
Chickens and ducks, for example FOWL
Cholula, for example HOTSAUCE
Chomped BITTEN
College system based in Albany SUNY
Confidentiality contract NDA
Counterpart of poetry PROSE
Cowboy exclamation YEEHAW
Demanding NEEDY
Details INFO
Domesticates TAMES
Entertained AMUSED
Express disappointment or relief SIGH
Flamenco exclamation OLE
Flared dress style ALINE
GPS stat ETA
Hallie's twin in 'The Parent Trap' ANNIE
In ___ (Latin for 'in the womb') UTERO
Language of origin for 'bong' THAI
Clues Answers
Lie-___ (acts of protest) INS
Like a broken pipe LEAKY
Medicine amount DOSE
Monarch's realm KINGDOM
Musical based on a graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel FUNHOME
Needing to be done ASAP URGENT
Not yet known (Abbr.) TBD
One of the primary colors BLUE
Onto the beach ASHORE
Opposite of post- PRE
Part of a to-do list TASK
Part of a to-do list ITEM
Pay stub ID SSN
Person with seniority ELDER
Pro cornhole org ACL
Probability ODDS
Replenish electrically CHARGE
Rotary dial successors TOUCHTONEPHONES
South Korean currency WON
Speak hoarsely RASP
Spouse's parent INLAW
Takes shape FORMS
Tennis great Arthur ASHE
Tennis great Williams SERENA
Terrible AWFUL
Thin, silky dress style SLIP
Took a trip after the wedding HONEYMOONED
Treated with a cold pack ICED
Tremble in the cold SHIVER
Tug along TOW
Unceded ___ TERRITORY
Vegetable carried by the Pokemon Farfetch'd LEEK
Vegetables in mattar paneer PEAS
Vowel after theta in the Greek alphabet IOTA
___ projection (out-of-body experience) ASTRAL
___ Vegas, Nevada LAS
___ Wafers NILLA