New York Times - Jul 20 2022

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Clues Answers
'Animal Farm' pronoun OURS
'Law & Order: SVU' co-star ICET
'Noted' ISEE
'Sounds about right' ISUPPOSESO
'Tuesdays With ___,' Mitch Albom best seller MORRIE
'Uncle' in chess IRESIGN
'Well, see you later then!' OKBYE
'___ Rheingold' (Wagner opera) DAS
1990 #1 rap hit that ends 'too cold, too cold' ICEICEBABY
Abu Dhabi's land: Abbr UAE
After-dinner drink DECAF
Alibaba and Grubhub had them in 2014, for short IPOS
Alternative to manicotti ZITI
Apt name for a financial planner? IRA
Autobahn units: Abbr KMS
Beyond great EPIC
Big field for start-ups, informally TECH
Bit of chicanery WILE
Body part that 'pops' EAR
British pop star Rita ORA
Buffoon BOZO
Catherine of 'Home Alone' OHARA
Center of Bollywood MUMBAI
Certain Arabian Peninsula resident OMANI
Comment after a swish NICESHOT
Commercial mascot whose name sounds like that of its company GECKO
Convenience often promoted in store windows ATM
Corporal or sarge NONCOM
Cries of glee YAYS
Doing some mess hall duty, in army lingo ONKP
Don't give up, say TRY
Earthy tone OCHRE
Facing ruin, say INCRISIS
Fountain offering MALT
General ___, 'Superman' villain ZOD
Got the point? SCORED
Grads, now ALUMS
Clues Answers
Herky-jerky dance, with 'the' ROBOT
Hobbles LIMPS
Hubs of activity LOCI
Invitation at Beantown fish markets? PICKACODANYCOD
It's rigged! SAIL
Jokes at Massachusetts General Hospital? DOCCOMEDY
King of the Titans, in Greek mythology KRONOS
Late to a Harvard Lampoon meeting? MISSINGTHEMOCK
Nail polish brand with the color 'Espresso Your Inner Self' OPI
Nobelist Pavlov IVAN
Oracle SEER
Part of a botanical garden FERNERY
Podcast interruptions ADS
Poem with about 16,000 lines ILIAD
Popular comic strip about a 17-year-old high school student ZITS
Rapper with the double-platinum album 'Hard Core' LILKIM
Sch. with the most Pac-12 football championships USC
Scottish island home to Fingal's Cave STAFFA
Service with surge pricing UBER
Some body art, informally TATS
Some natural fences SHRUBS
Soprano's group? MOB
Spearheaded LED
Subtlety NUANCE
There might be a good one on top of a mountain VISTA
U.S. ___ OPEN
Unexpectedly high interest rate for a borrower from a Boston bank? LOANSHOCK
Wallops KOS
Waves, perhaps SAYSHI
What often includes a chairlift? HORA
X-ray alternative MRI
You can get two for a sawbuck ABES
[groan] UGH
___ jure (by the law itself: Lat.) IPSO
___ Lupino, first woman to direct a classic noir film IDA
___ O's (breakfast cereal) OREO
___ story SOB
___ Wallace, author of 'Ben-Hur' LEW