The A.V Club - Oct 27 2010

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Clues Answers
'A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into ___... ' ABAR
'An apple ___...' ADAY
'China Beach' setting, casually NAM
'I'd like to thank the ___...' ACADEMY
'Prince ___' ('Aladdin' song) ALI
'Raiders of the Lost ___' ARK
'We're number ___!' ONE
'What are you ___?' DOING
'What, me ___?': Alfred E. Neuman line WORRY
+ or - thing ION
1978 hit with the lyric 'You can get yourself clean, you can have a good meal' YMCA
Angry tirade about a meat substitute? TEMPEHTANTRUM
Annapolis frosh PLEBE
Author Jaffe RONA
Biden's boss OBAMA
Big deal ADO
Bit of physics ATOM
Bother persistently NAGAT
Bring together UNITE
Broadway chanteuse Linda EDER
Certain corp. takeover LBO
Comedian Artie LANGE
Comedian Wanda of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' SYKES
Crude dude BOOR
Cry while exorcising the wheat meat? BEGONESEITAN
Daily order, with 'the' SAME
Debatable MOOT
Down Under bird EMU
Enemy leader? ARCH
English Premier League club, to fans MANU
Failed NASA launch NOGO
Filmmaking process that's now mostly done on a computer ANIMATION
Fort Knox piece INGOT
Frank McCourt memoir TIS
Guitar master Paul LES
Hides, like a magician does PALMS
Hit with an open hand SMACK
Hot-foot cry YEOW
Clues Answers
It's catchy NET
It's over your head ROOF
It's tapped in a pub DRAFTBEER
Its slogan used to be 'Say it with flowers' FTD
Jiltee of myth MEDEA
Lavish affection (on) DOTE
Lightened (up) EASED
Like some suspects USUAL
Manhandle PAW
Many a Marx Brothers movie ROMP
Monopoly income sources RENTS
Mr. Barbie KEN
Necco candy with vanilla, caramel, peanut, and fudge SKYBAR
Nickname for Conan O'Brien COCO
Nifty NEAT
One feeling alienated in Wisconsin, perhaps VEGAN
One way to stand by IDLY
One who works from home? UMP
Online location URL
Patron who buys a block of bean curd? TOFUCUSTOMER
Perpendicular to the keel ABEAM
Pigeon sound COO
Poulet output OEUFS
Protein picture sketched in like two seconds? BADLYDRAWNSOY
Question from a gift recipient FORME
Rapids transit CANOE
Sexy HOT
Somewhat laid back TYPEB
Squarepants species SPONGE
Tear-inducing food ONION
They get paid to make calls REFS
Tonic partner GIN
Treated with contempt SCORNED
Treaty subject ARMS
Uncommon RARE
Whitehouse Web address ending GOV
Young dynamo TURK
___ Kitchen (natural food line) AMYS