L.A. Times Daily - Jul 15 2022

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Clues Answers
"1812 Overture" instrument CANNON
"A Land More Kind Than Home" novelist Wiley CASH
"Gloria in Excelsis __" DEO
"Good Omens" actor Jon HAMM
"It's my call" ISAYSO
"Ja" opposite NEIN
"The Street" novelist Petry ANN
"__ Moon": manga series SAILOR
100% ALL
1968 self-titled live folk album ARLO
Aerie nesters EAGLES
Apelike SIMIAN
Balkan native SLAV
Baseball family name ALOU
Bit of concert merch TEE
Blight-stricken tree ELM
Boo-boo OWIE
Bowlful served with a cinnamon roll in the Midwest CHILI
Canine kiss LICK
Caravan mounts CAMELS
Challenging puzzle ENIGMA
Cookie with a Cakesters variety OREO
Cornfield cries CAWS
Cruise stopovers ISLES
Customary USUAL
Dilutes THINS
Donkey ASS
Dozes off NODS
Evolutionary mysteries, and a feature of three clues in this puzzle MISSINGLINKS
Facial tissue additive ALOE
Feel unwell AIL
Flooring preference TILE
Fluffy wrap BOA
Gate postings, briefly ETDS
Clues Answers
Gritty film genre NOIR
Hatha yoga posture ASANA
Have over HOST
Hindu goddess of destruction KALI
Hosp. areas ORS
Light weight OUNCE
Looking to add staff HIRING
Magazine featuring Pencil Pointers GAMES
Manual component STEP
Mary-in-mourning sculpture PIETA
Milne friend who notes, "It is hard to be brave when you're a Very Small Animal" PIGLET
More than a little unkind MEAN
Nation that follows the Solar Hijri calendar IRAN
Not too keen DULL
Opposite sides of a rather pointed fight? DUELISTS
Patches potholes, say TARS
Poem of rustic life IDYLL
Pull the plug on DRAIN
Quick cut SNIP
Record holders LOGS
RPM gauge TACH
Shelter adoptee RESCUE
Skunk River state IOWA
Sneetches creator SEUSS
Soft-pedal TONEDOWN
Squeals (on) FINKS
Stock exchange membership SEAT
Summer hangout POOL
Swing for the fences GOBIG
Tamale wrapper HUSK
Thoughts IDEAS
Total RUIN
Tourney format PROAM
Transcript fig GPA