The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 28,809 - Jul 14 2022

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Clues Answers
Bird, large one about to be caged? PELICAN
Boy reporter's stint inexcusably deficient TINTIN
Comprehensive college? ALLSOULS
Deep red jumper chap's shut away MAROON
Desperate man welcomes four in bed DIVAN
Died before becoming a poet DANTE
Even money, in truth SMOOTH
Getting stand with legs well spaced, led off with violin STRADDLE
Ghastly ingrained dirt finally wiped GRIM
Grumpy companion, underhand, about to go up SLEEPY
Heraldic beast with very strange name WYVERN
Humble Catholic hasn't lost any fingers CHASTEN
In teeming rain, a compiler put on shirt: will this keep it off? TARPAULIN
Is it possible he could be heard? Great! MIGHTY
Clues Answers
Island one wouldn't yield, if extremely resolute INCH
Like streakers, dodging about to avoid capture at last STARKERS
Loud breather chucked away FLUNG
Pounds a bit short, saving one in case for a significant event MILESTONE
Python finally slithering by fence PALING
Quick way to make Brie? SHORTCUT
Regret loss of earth washed off mountains MOURN
Routine disturbed awaiting delivery INUTERO
Scarlet woman in court, English: her name? CHARLOTTE
Something relaxing brought over, for example tea MASSAGE
Stretch of water for which rower perhaps needs love and energy BLUENILE
Trouble: money mislaid at the back of inspector's carriages — it ends in Lost Property DISTRAINT
Turner sketched a general, partly from the rear RENEGADE
Wrong sort of knight ERRANT