Wall Street Journal - Jul 12 2022 - Peak Performance

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Clues Answers
“Brave New World” drug SOMA
“How adorable!” OOH
“Let’s ride!”...or a hint to this puzzle’s circled letters MOUNTUP
“Luncheon of the Boating Party” artist RENOIR
“Morning Edition” airer NPR
“Neither a borrower ___ a lender be” NOR
“Quit with the personal deets!” TMI
“Your point is...?” ANDSO
Agents of change? DIAPERBAGS
Attach, as a label PASTEON
Available when needed ONTAP
Best Picture of 1988 RAINMAN
Big bird EMU
Boot Scootin’ Boogie and Watermelon Crawl, e.g LINEDANCES
Bounding blue SEA
Bowler, e.g HAT
Bribe to a broadcaster PAYOLA
Broadband device MODEM
Burger topper ONION
Co-creator of Black Panther STANLEE
Congresswoman Ilhan OMAR
Distinctive flair ELAN
Emotional attachment BOND
Explorer of the Canadian coast CABOT
Fuel economy fig MPG
Fully fill SATE
Fusses TODOS
Future frog TADPOLE
Future stallion COLT
Gaggle members GEESE
Harsh reviews PANS
Held (in) REINED
High-end appliance brand MIELE
Hogwarts professor nicknamed “Mad-Eye” ALASTORMOODY
Home of the University of Maine ORONO
In the past AGO
Clues Answers
Lawyers’ org ABA
Like many a résumé ONEPAGE
Lupino who directed and co-starred in “The Bigamist” IDA
Make a sharp change of direction ZAG
Mexican money PESO
Noted Yankee slugger, familiarly AROD
Ontario neighbor ERIE
Pâté de ___ gras FOIE
Pendulum’s path ARC
People refusing to stay off the grass? STONERS
Platypus products EGGS
Poet Sylvia PLATH
Practice in the ring SPAR
Practice on a mat YOGA
Razor-honing items STROPS
Refer to CITE
Ring setting? TUB
Running wild ONATEAR
Sacramento cagers KINGS
Scent ODOR
Set back? SCENERY
Silent MUM
Silo’s kin CORNBIN
Simile’s center ASA
Skier’s wear PARKA
Soap opera plot device COMA
Soprano’s song ARIA
Sparkling Italian wine ASTISPUMANTE
Standard descendant ESSO
Touch down LAND
Two-dimensional calculation AREA
Very soft, musically PIANISSIMO
Western watering hole SALOON
Western writer Grey ZANE
Winner of six Best Rap Album Grammys EMINEM
Word on an octagon STOP