Wall Street Journal - Jul 11 2022 - Sporting Communication

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Clues Answers
“And more of the same,” in a list ETC
“At Last” singer James ETTA
“Huh?” WHAT
“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” poet ELIOT
“Twilight” heroine BELLA
“___ Doubtfire” MRS
Academic URL suffix EDU
Aperture GAP
Bag checkers at LAX TSA
Bashful SHY
Be efficient on the green ONEPUTT
Big name in undergarments HANES
Blatantly stares GAWKS
Buccaneer’s buds MATEYS
By way of VIA
Cause for an R rating SEX
Coffee, slangily JOE
Coupe or compact AUTO
Deviled egg topping PAPRIKA
Electronic echo effect REVERB
Festoons on Halloween, informally TPS
Fictional explorer DORA
Fire-tending tool POKER
Gave an angry look GLARED
Guacamole base AVOCADO
Highest point ACME
Hole-punching tool AWL
Home plates? CHINA
Idealistic UTOPIAN
Indian rice variety BASMATI
Jazz pianist Garner ERROLL
Kitty’s restroom LITTERBOX
Lawn makeup SOD
Least remote NEAREST
Letters preceding an alias AKA
Lisa Simpson’s instrument SAX
Low-rated investments JUNKBONDS
Lymphatic system swelling NODE
Clues Answers
Maine seafood specialty LOBSTER
Manhole’s place STREET
Mentor’s apprentice PROTEGE
Midler of stage and screen BETTE
Much of history WARS
Mystery awards named for a British author AGATHAS
Narcissist’s problem EGO
Nevertheless YET
Noted White Star Line ship TITANIC
Pan Am rival, once TWA
Paparazzo’s prey CELEB
Particles with charge IONS
Place for memories SCRAPBOOK
Prattle GAB
Predecessors of CDs LPS
Prepared to propose KNELT
Prepared to race GOTSET
Pull apart TEAR
Satisfied sighs AHS
Say “I do” WED
Singer DiFranco ANI
Singer Redding OTIS
Slowly shrivel up WASTEAWAY
Solemn ceremonies RITES
Start of a JFK quote ASKNOT
Sturdy tree OAK
Sum of eins and zwei DREI
Take steroids, say DOPE
Taunting words for opponents, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 22-, 56- and 62-Across TRASHTALK
Tea container CADDY
Teleprompter’s contents SPEECH
Toll rds TPKS
UFO operators ETS
Underworld river STYX
Workshop gripper CLAMP
___ Paulo, Brazil SAO
___-garde AVANT