USA Today - Aug 20 2022

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Clues Answers
'Dangerously in Love,' for Beyonce DEBUTALBUM
'Mary Had a Little ___' LAMB
'Roger that?' DOYOUCOPY
'Sadly . . .' ALAS
'The Lion King' antagonist SCAR
'The ___ the merrier!' MORE
'___ a miracle!' ITS
'___ it or lose it' USE
'___ well that ends well' ALLS
Actor Mahershala ALI
Admire merchandise with no intention of buying WINDOWSHOP
Bake sale grp PTA
Beat measured on the wrist PULSE
Blond pooch YELLOWLAB
Bought flowers for, maybe WOOED
Chill out RELAX
Common email attachments PDFS
Company that's the subject of the show 'Super Pumped' UBER
County in Wine Country NAPA
Decorate ADORN
Distort WARP
Double Stuf ___ OREO
Equitable FAIR
Ethnic group whose music incorporates the udu and ekwe IGBO
Exclamation after a successful magic trick TADA
Exposure therapy might treat one PHOBIA
Fancy vase URN
Fencing sword EPEE
First three digits of a 10-digit phone number AREACODE
French actor Sy OMAR
Held on to KEPT
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Hospital triage sites (Abbr.) ERS
Human rights org ACLU
In ___ straits DIRE
Isfahan's country IRAN
Kitten's cry MEW
MDs prescribe them MEDS
Clues Answers
National Mall tree ELM
Not costly CHEAP
Noteworthy period ERA
Opening that releases sweat PORE
Pan used to make yakisoba WOK
Paneer or brie, e.g CHEESE
Period of relaxation IDLETIME
Pet's reward TREAT
Promo that generates buzz TEASERAD
Pseudonym ALIAS
Punta del ___, Uruguay ESTE
Quick snooze CATNAP
Relinquish formally CEDE
Sappho's '___ to Aphrodite' ODE
Secretary of the Interior Haaland DEB
Shouted YELLED
Showed again, like a video REPLAYED
Sikh spiritual leader GURU
Small-sized MINI
Soccer star Sterling RAHEEM
Taylor Swift ft. Bon Iver song EXILE
The 'L' of LSAT LAW
The 'p' of mph PER
Took a card from the deck DREW
Tournament Serena Williams has won six times USOPEN
Vietnamese soup PHO
Villain BADGUY
Warm and cozy SNUG
Webpage SITE
Weeps SOBS
Wing measurement SPAN
Witherspoon of 'Legally Blonde' REESE
Word after 'couch' or 'baked' POTATO
Words of ___ (good advice) WISDOM
World ___ (baseball championship) SERIES
www.spelman.___ EDU
___ and flow EBB
___ Jim (rhyming snack) SLIM
___ Martens (boots) DOC