USA Today - Aug 7 2022

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Clues Answers
'Easy ___ it!' DOES
'Fine, then!' SOBEIT
'Play one more song!' ENCORE
'That's incredible!' IMINAWE
'Winter's King' and 'Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience,' for two SCIFISTORIES
'___ Into Her' (TV rom-com) HES
A ___ in the machine COG
Aliens (Abbr.) ETS
Alligator's larger relative CROCODILE
Banh ___ (rice noodles) PHO
Bat mitzvah language HEBREW
Beaver State school, for short OSU
Bird that hates ravens CROW
Business with cucumbers SPA
Christmas tree trim TINSEL
Clear from the blackboard ERASE
Dresses that might be pre-draped SARIS
Eggs in mentaiko pasta ROE
Give ground YIELD
Hardy shade trees ELMS
Highest capacity, for short MAX
Home to the Los Angeles Rams SOFISTADIUM
It might pick up a whispered comment HOTMIC
It's reduced during a digital detox SCREENTIME
Jean Grey's team XMEN
Kick out EXILE
Kitchenware brand OXO
Less risky SAFER
Level of a cake TIER
Like many fine rums AGED
Major body of water OCEAN
Motel units (Abbr.) RMS
Nail polish brand ESSIE
Nigeria ___ Eagles SUPER
Novelist Johansen IRIS
Nutrition regimen DIET
Obi, for example SASH
Opposite of rural URBAN
Clues Answers
Order a la ___ CARTE
Parts of the lungs LOBES
Piece of corn EAR
Place for a catnap SOFA
Place for aqua cycling POOL
Places to order dragon rolls SUSHIBARS
Playground rides for two SEESAWS
Portentous sign OMEN
Prefix meaning 'self' AUTO
Put to work USE
Remainder REST
Replica COPY
Response to 'Who, me?' YESYOU
Romantic dozen ROSES
Secret stash CACHE
See 37-Across WARS
Short music releases EPS
Sign of respect DAP
Sina, to Moana MOM
Sites of interest to archaeologists RUINS
Small lie FIB
Some July babies, astrologically LEOS
Sonia Syngal's title at Gap CEO
Sound rebound ECHO
Squander WASTE
State of disarray MESS
They inspire artists MUSES
Trail behind a slug SLIME
Truck lane vehicles SEMIS
Twinkie filling CREAM
Two-speaker sound systems HIFISTEREOS
Umami-rich paste MISO
Utensil for stew SPOON
With 27-Across, franchise with droids and Darths STAR
Woodworker's fastening device CLAMP
Word before 'green' or 'coat' PEA
Wrath IRE
___ Phi Theta (fraternity) IOTA
___ Rios, Saint Ann, Jamaica OCHO