The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28334

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Clues Answers
… perhaps sacking clique obstructing church CLOTH
A car, one nearly new, overturning? It’s a mystery ENIGMA
At end of day, prayers still no good EVENSONG
Aware of alternative loo for reporters privy to
Charlie possibly having been dumped by girl of no obvious distinction? CLASSLESS
Chef’s concoction perhaps inspiring learner to be more flexible SUPPLER
Clever chap having nagging woman stop shrewdie
Criminal alleges European is talk of bar LEGALESE
Displeasure at duke’s insecurity DANGER
Don to back down … put on
Dramatist’s second work giving you the shivers SCHILLER
Dutch wanting female to lead country MISSUS
Feeling stupid, son pushing daughter out SENSE
Figure union leader’s in a predicament STATUE
Get things wrong, as you might with Oxford? put ones foot in it
Clues Answers
Had scrap about place to sleep crash pad
Haunting fear papa’s harbouring dreadful secret? On the contrary SPECTRE
It is what it is italian vermouth
Letters announcing successor is a man AIRMAIL
Nordic sweater Rosa unashamedly displays SAUNA
One chucked out of French harbour, beer removed from case DEPORTEE
One Frenchman said to have grabbed another? That’s not right IMMORAL
Philosopher in bar, did you say? LOCKE
Put an end to Spooner’s freedom SILENCE
Rebels in times of trouble, losing head RISES
Some popes were so merciful! CLEMENT
Spies act foolishly, providing distraction ESCAPIST
Ultimately trust men involved in robbery, I suppose THEORIST
Uneasy journalist ending affair CONCERNED
Wrongly enter road’s designation MISTYPE