The Telegraph - QUICK CROSSWORD NO: 30,030 - Jul 4 2022

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Clues Answers
By what means HOW
Cherry liqueur KIRSCH
Consume EAT
Cyst SAC
Droop SAG
Exercise system YOGA
Female relative NIECE
Flower; part of the eye IRIS
Forelimb ARM
Freshwater fish RUDD
Fruit; appointment DATE
Golf pegs TEES
Hard work INDUSTRY
Infectious disease MEASLES
Clues Answers
Informal talks conversations
Lake District mountain SKIDDAW
Large wild cat TIGRESS
Nautical mile KNOT
New England state MASSACHUSETTS
Not certain UNSURE
Obsolete British coin GUINEA
Personal preferences TASTES
Possessed OWNED
Rafter; box SPAR
Relating to love AMOROUS
Set of three TRIO
Small raisins CURRANTS
Tibetan ox YAK