Family Time - Jul 4 2022

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Clues Answers
"Just my luck!" ALAS
"Pardon me" AHEM
"So what ___ is in that bag?" ELSE
"Take this out," in proofreading DELE
"You just wait and ___" SEE
A wintery decoration (2 words) CHRISTMASTREE
Affliction of the eyelid STYE
An aspirin, for example PILL
Any country that's friendly toward yours ALLY
At once, to poets from the 1700s ANON
Aussie farm bird EMU
Bending easily, as a gymnast LITHE
Bring this to a birthday party PRESENT
Chunk of history ERA
Delivery company UPS
Fill in ___ blank THE
Fire remnant ASH
Fitness for a task APTNESS
Ginger ___ ALE
Israeli city HAIFA
Jog, if you are a horse TROT
Listening and with eyes wide open AWARE
Little South American monkey TITI
Little thing for a golfer TEE
Make an effort ATTEMPT
Martial artist Bruce ___ LEE
Massive party BASH
Mineshaft entrance ADIT
Monopoly or Go Fish GAME
Mountain range between Europe and Asia URAL
Move that boat ROW
Clues Answers
Not coffee but .. TEA
Number of partridges my true love sent to me ONE
October birthstones OPALS
Old Italian coin LIRA
Performed good dental hygiene FLOSSED
Pitchfork sticker TINE
Play a role ACT
Private boss? (2 words) STAFFSERGEANT
Puts on TV AIRS
Rectangular paver SETT
Result of brainstorming, maybe IDEA
Revise an essay EDIT
Ripped, as a sheet of notebook paper TORE
Say again and again ITERATE
School org PTA
Secs., mins., ___ HRS
Slippery sea creature EEL
Small shopping store MART
Solo performed during an opera ARIA
Some adult-child relationships GUARDIANSHIPS
Some lip applications GLOSSES
Something created with paint ART
Stevie Wonder song, "Isn't ___ Lovely" SHE
The Chiffons' song, "___ So Fine" HES
They prove whether you've studied or not TESTS
Things inserted into drills BITS
Tree variety ELM
Trivial, as chatter IDLE
Two words before "trap" or "record" SETA
What an ambulance supplies (Abbr.) EMS
Where to find the leaders in a race AHEAD